Why Do I Need A Dental Website?

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Why Do I Need A Dental Website?

In this social marketing and advertising age, an online presence is an absolute must for your dental practice. Everyone has gone social and you need to be accessible to your patients from wherever they are in medical need. Long gone are the days you could rely on walk-ins for your dental business and expect them to spread your services by word of mouth.

For those dentists still lagging behind, here is a wake-up call…if you have to remain relevant these days, you need a website.

Ooh! You don’t know how to create one. No problem. We design websites for dentists and help them with social media marketing. We make your ‘online office’ user-friendly and interactive to your clients as good as it can get. We customize your website to function on Tablets and Smartphones so you can reach a larger audience.

Before we offer our services to you, here are the simple reasons why you need a website:

It is the way to go

Yes, it is the trend. And if you can’t follow suit you’ll fall behind your competitors. Everyone is doing it, every business is doing it. Businesses around the world have realized how important their websites boosts marketing and advertising.

By the way, your competition is already there. Look at Dr. Rutman’s website (below or here) for example. It looks a simple website but it tells a lot including their services and contacts. They even share their medical fees on the website.

Check out Ocean Family Dental’s website (here). They even have a ‘refer a friend’ section. You can’t beat such competition if you lack a website. So, get on the train.

Patients can easily reach to you

If you are not online, you can’t be found. That’s the way things go these days. A large population around the world admits that most of the time they find information by searching online. Your dentistry website needs to show up somewhere when a patient does a search.

Marketing your services online

Your website will be the place you inform your audience about your services. Your audience will find information about your physical address, Facebook and Twitter links, and more. Your audience will find it easy especially to interact with you through social media.

Your website will be open throughout

People can visit your ‘online office’ anytime. Whether someone wants to make an inquiry, download forms, or simply learn about you, the door is always open. It is so easy for people to contact you this way. Create short forms that people can leave messages. As well, you can always have someone on your end to receive calls and respond to queries.

By now you should realize that a website is essential. But, you just don’t create a mediocre website. Here are basic characteristics of a good website:

Easy to navigate

Your website should be organized and easy to navigate. The purpose of your website is to engage potential patients. So, your patients must be able to point to their subjects of interest with no effort.

Easy to book appointments

The essence of the website is for clients to find you and book an appointment whether through a call or online forms. This is especially beneficial to people who are always on busy schedules so they need to book their most convenient time.

Provide patient education

Your website needs to explain exactly what you offer. It should be informative, not just an advertisement. Potential patients need to learn about the latest technology that you offer, including things like treatment procedures.

Searchable on search engines

A good website must be optimized for search engines. Search engines should easily find your website. Otherwise, it will be silent and unnoticeable.

So, do you need a website? Yes, you do. Our team designs great websites with your potential patients in mind. We will also develop a long-term marketing strategy for you to realize your returns on investment.

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