Which Social Media Site Should I Advertise On?

By June 1, 2017Digital Marketing
Which Social Media Site Should I Advertise On?

Social media marketing is a key element of every businesses’ budget. It’s no different when you’re a dentist who is busy running a private practice. But it should be different in the way you choose your dental marketing company, because not every advertising firm knows how to attract the type of patients that you’re looking for or offers the specific social media approach that a dentist depends on. That includes selecting the best platform to focus time, energy, and original content that attracts new patients.

The majority of adults in America are going to spend nearly two hours a day on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As such, it’s vital that you choose the best one to get your message out.

Start With a Rigid Game Plan

A highly experienced dental marketing company will have a set game plan and timeline that they use, because they know it works. For most dentists, the social media platform of choice is often Facebook. You need to see tried and true data that reflects a return on investment and the best dental marketing company can show you how an individualized approach to Facebook management can do this.

Steer clear of companies who say things like “We’ll try this method first and see what kind of results we get out of it,” or “This is a new approach we think will work quite well.” Words like “think,” “try,” and “see,” shouldn’t be in the vocabulary! If that was the method you wanted to take, you would likely have someone at your front desk managing the office Facebook account between setting up patient appointments and then crossing your fingers.

Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better When it Comes to Posting Online

Really big dental marketing companies aren’t always able to attend to the unique concerns and challenges of small private practice owners. Rather, they use cookie-cutter approaches as a whole, instead of individually tailored techniques. A modest sized firm with a lot of experience could give you far better service when it comes to personalized Facebook status updates and interacting with viewers.

Most people can tell the difference between prefabricated content and Facebook updates that reflect a business’ truly unique approach to the services that they provide.

A “Once Stop Shop” Approach May Not be Best to Managing Your Facebook Account

So…you’ve found a dental marketing company that handles PPC, AdWords, websites, SEO, Facebook, and more. They also say they offer staff training, consulting, and inventory management. Do they really? Very rarely can one small company be great at everything related to dental marketing and management. You’ll get better results when you stick with a company who delivers what they promise, rather than promises more than they can deliver. If the company is spread too thin, they can’t do their best at what you initially hired them for: being a dental marketing company.

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