When Is The Best Time To Develop And Implement My Digital Marketing Plan?

By July 30, 2017Digital Marketing

We find this proverb very inspiring in many ways. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

For a successful marketing plan to work, a dentist needs to be aware of the general demographics of your potential clientele, i.e. population age groups, socio economic status, religious mindset, disease prevalence, and sociocultural aspects. Once this is clear, a well-planned marketing plan must be put in place.

To create a medical or dental niche for your practice that distinguishes you from a city thickly populated with dental practitioners, it helps to create a solo brand consisting of logos, website, and published materials. This is a definite shot way to ensure that your practice has a place of its own amidst the masses.

An excellent clinical set-up, with good interiors and ambiance, will give patients a great feel which is vital to your practice. Receptionists should be encouraged to be respectful and receptive to the demands of the patients for e.g. sending reminders of their appointments or even rescheduling appointments when patients can’t make it. Produce cost effective health plans to attract committed patients is one core philosophy any successful marketing plan should bear in mind.

You ought to have result and fact focused strategy and marketing professionals that savor challenging the status quo to make growth happen month by month. We help people and businesses to focus on the right thing at the precise time, enabling them to leave a meaningful mark on multiple levels. We champion growth to sustain better businesses and prosperous societies.

Are you concerned day in and day out about having enough patients? Are you having recurring nightmares that perhaps, one day you will walk in and the schedule will be bare? Is your new clinic struggling to beef up your daily schedule? Better start now to market your practice before times get tougher.

When people look up doctors and medical services on the web, you want to be one of the first names that come up. One of the first steps to getting there is to build citations for your business, hence making sure your business is accurately listed in as many digital directories as possible. Facebook is such an awesome tool for connecting with your current patients and to spread awareness of your medical practice to gain new patients. However, many healthcare providers are using Facebook too infrequently, or use it in the wrong way.

Direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to remind your patients to come by for regular checkups. You can now schedule follow-up emails for 4-6 months after each appointment to ensure they drop by your office for bi-annual check-ups. You can also update your patients throughout the year with tooth care tips, dental news, and updates about your dental practice. You’ll find it’s surprisingly easy to jump start your email marketing

For those finding it hard to make time to market their dental practice online, contact us, we’ll schedule a time for us to create a proven strategy that’ll attract patients to you.

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