What to Expect from a Dental Digital Marketing Team

By March 5, 2017Digital Marketing
What to Expect from a Dental Digital Marketing Team

Gone are the days when dentists chose to advertise through the yellow pages or coupon pamphlets. In today’s online-driven society, more dental professionals are seeing high value returns through online marketing techniques. However, the challenge of understanding how to navigate SEO tools, AdWords, and online marketing campaigns can be a time-daunting task for someone trying to do it themselves.

Turning these responsibilities over to a professional dental digital marketing team can allow you to get better results in less time, so that you can direct your attention toward what matters…your patients! The key is to know what you should expect from the professionals, so that you get the absolute best service possible.

When you’re searching for the best dental marketing services, look for a company that implements the following practices:

Attentive, One-on-One Customer Service

Is your case handled by a specific team member or representative, or is your case bounced from person to person among a wide network of employees? Having your own personal case manager will ensure that you get the most attentive service without important information being accidentally overlooked. They’ll get to know you personally, understand what drives your practice the most, and tailor your services to fit those expectations, instead of a cookie cutter model that is one-size-fits-most.

Data to Back Up the Numbers

Your online dental marketing service needs to have the data to show that their techniques work. This ought to include case studies of previous/current clients, such as the marketing practices used, the time involved, and the return on patient numbers as an effect. Online marketing for dentists is like trying to steer a steady stream of water…there are a lot of ways to do it, and the goal is to use the one that’s going to be more effective than what the people next door are doing. It’s at times like this when it’s best to opt for a marketing team that specializes in dental care. This unique facet can give you a head start and a leg up on the competition.

Testing, Tweaking, and Retesting

As you start to see results from your online marketing strategies, your digital team should evaluate which aspects of the plan are working more effectively than others, then make appropriate adjustments. As an example, you might find that geographically, people search for a specific service keyword more in one area than they do in another (i.e. All-on-4 vs. Hybridge Implants) and implement SEO strategies that use that information to better curb your online presence.

Because online dental marketing doesn’t happen overnight, you’ll want a team that you feel comfortable and confident with. Moving forward, you’ll likely spend at least a few months initiating any online plan before the results start to become evident. But when they are, the payoff will be worth it.

We provide personalized, data-driven digital marketing to dentists and dental practices. Learn more about our unique approach to online dental marketing by schedule a no-commitment consultation with one of our experts here or call us at 571-316-2800.

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