What Should I Blog About?

By August 20, 2017Digital Marketing

As a dentist, your job is to communicate with patients and the audience about oral care and dental health. Blogging is still by far the best means of doing so. However, you might ask “What should I blog about?”

Here are a few guidelines to get you started and on your feet.

1) Write uniquely in your tone of voice

You may have an elegant new website, but if Google identifies or discovers duplicate or unoriginal content on your site, your site will be less likely to rank highly in search engine results namely Google and Bing. If you are concerned that your site may have unoriginal articles, use plagiarism checker that is free on the web and contact our team to assist you with skyrocketing your site’s SEO and Google ranking.

2) Be clear about what your dental practice offers

For dentists who want to gain long-lasting new patients, it can be difficult to convince prospective patients why you’re better than any other run-of-the-mill dentist. However, when your copywriting defines your practice–its voice, its services and even its approach to patient health–you take your dental clinic from being just another local dentist to being the only dentist that can address the particular needs of each of your unique patients. Don’t settle for building a beautiful but bland website! Introduce photos of the staff, develop your personality and SEO through an ongoing blog and watch as your dental clinic becomes one your incoming patients say they’ll be recommending and suggesting to their friends and family.

3) Write in a way that is SEO friendly

As your practice develops its digital presence, it will become increasingly important to watch what patients are searching when they find you. Is it possible that you be gaining more clicks and patients with a page on root canals when “root canal pain” is highly sought in the local area? Understanding what people are searching for and how you rank in your region can make all the difference in the potential clients that find you and if they’ll want to learn more. SEO monitoring sites

Creating content that your patients can feel connected akin to starting a brand new relationship. It takes time, but done right it can make meaningful relationships that your dental clinic and local community will only benefit from. If you’re seeking out quality marketing that transforms online content into lasting relationships, get to know our team to see how your excellent ideas can turn into valuable, long-lasting relationships.

As a dedicated dental business owner who wants to improve their patient flow with online marketing, you might be wondering, what makes something more likely to appear as a top search result and how can I brand my practice online to be the answer prospective patient want to click on? Now you know that blogging is a great channel to acquire customers, start your blogging journey today! Don’t hesitate to contact us should there be inquiries on how to market online using this channel.

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