What are Adwords and Should I Use Them

By May 16, 2017Digital Marketing
What are Adwords and Should I Use Them

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 15 years, you’ve probably heard of Google Adwords. You probably have wondered if you should or even how to use Adwords.  But before we get too far into that discussion, let’s go over what Adwords are.

So What Exactly is Adwords?

Google Adwords (or Adwords for short) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. Unlike traditional advertising methods (e.g.) newspapers, billboards, magazines, and billboards), you can target your ads to the type of customers you want, and filter out those you don’t.

When you advertise alongside search results on the Google Search Network, you select keywords to help target your ads to people searching for related terms. You can also choose to show your ads at certain times of day, and specify a location and language.  In contrast to traditional advertising, you only pay for results and you can quickly track your ad’s effectiveness and easily make changes to improve results.  As illustrated in the below screenshot, you tell Google how much per day you want to spend, locations, and with a dozen or so keywords. Google will also tell you the likelihood of how many clicks a day you might get from your ad.


Should I Use Adwords?

This question is very debatable and the answer is it depends. Think about how your customer base buys your product. People use search engines to find something specific, meaning they are ready to buy or at least interested in buying. It’s easier to sell your product to someone when they are interested in buying as opposed to when they are on social media and checking out what their friends are doing (although it is still possible and profitable but that’s a discussion for another day).

Since Adwords is pay per click (PPC), you need to have funnel setup correctly to capture customers and recover costs (and make profits as well).  Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money. If you have no online advertising and want immediate results, unlike search engine optimization (SEO) which can take months for results; Adwords is a great way to do so.  But if you are in an established market and trying to go up against the big boys who are probably already using Adwords (and the click price is also high), I would recommend looking marketing on social media. A good digital marketer can help you decide which way to go.

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