Turn Clicks Into Customers with Facebook Pixels

By August 31, 2018Social Media
facebook pixels

Facebook pixels are taking the social media marketing world by storm! Harness the power of Facebook and turn clicks into dental patients.

When you think of the word pixel, you probably think of something tiny.

A dot, a fleck, a speck on the corner of your monitor — but the Facebook pixel is in a league all its own.

Facebook pixels may be small but they are actually quite mighty. Here’s how this little piece of code can help you get more customers:

What Are Facebook Pixels?

A facebook pixel represents a code that can be placed on a user’s website to track conversions from Facebook.

It tells you how your Facebook ads are performing and provides essential metrics for businesses to calculate ROI.

In a business world, where capturing the value of digital marketing sometimes has its challenges, the Facebook pixel is a head above the rest.

How to Use Pixels to Drive Customers

Pixels are useful for retrieving data about customer visits that can help you drive business to your site.

Here’s how pixels help small business owners increase website traffic and get more buyers:


Pixels are used for tracking how potential customers experience your site by recording how they interact with it.

Using insights gained from tracking, business owners can make decisions that drive more visitors to buy.

Comparing metrics on whether more buyers come from mobile or desktop, for example, can help businesses define social media marketing best practices that result in website conversions.


As for those people who went to your site but didn’t buy, Facebook’s pixel allows you to serve ads to back to them on Facebook.

This type of retargeting campaign is good for serving potential customers ads featuring products they previous looked at.

In addition to increasing the likelihood that someone will return to purchase your product, this type of marketing also helps to brand your company and helps you win over mindshare in your target market.


Facebook allows you to optimize campaigns in a number of ways that are effective for marketers.

When it comes to using the pixel, you can select a campaign that is optimized to increase conversions. This is particularly useful for people using opt-in pages or lead magnets.

Once you’ve selected to optimize for conversions, you can use custom conversions that you are tracking with your pixel as an optimization choice.

Selecting custom conversions tells Facebook to optimize for metrics you are already tracking.

Pixel Perfect Advertising

Advertising is like a strategy game, and using Facebook pixels can give you a significant advantage.

Using pixels, small business owners can efficiently drive conversions by basing marketing decisions on the pixel data, like how to best retarget customers and structure their campaigns and website.

Given the importance of the information captured to overall business operations, it’s not hard to see why pixels have become such a hot topic in digital marketing.

Facebook pixels are unique in that Facebook offers access to more than 2 billion users worldwide. With unparalleled exposure, the Facebook pixel is here to stay and that’s a win for small business marketing.

For more information on how to use facebook pixels, visit us at Pat Hanely Consulting.

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