Social Media Marketing Made Easy Through Effective Dental Practices

By June 29, 2017Digital Marketing

A great social media marketing approach for dentists starts with the way your business operates on a day to day basis. From the interactions you have with patients to how your staff work together, you have just as much of a responsibility for creating a good first impression as your social media management team does. After all, if your patients have a great experience each time they’re interacting with you, their online influence is priceless.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Create Genuine Relationships with Your Patients

Patients should always be the focus of everything that you do. One of the best ways to prove this is by getting to know individuals on a first-name basis and remembering unique personal interests that they may have. Consider keeping photos in your patients’ electronic file, so that your staff recognize them the moment they walk through the door. Keep a few comments on their record about what you talked about during their last appointment, to spur your memory; patients love knowing that they’re remembered!

Build Rapport and Energy Among Your Staff

When new patients step foot into your office they can tell if it’s a place where everyone wants to be. Both negative and positive attitudes set the tone for your practice. If your team enjoys being there, your patients will too. Do everything you can to have a positive workplace, and the reputation will follow.

Are your team members passionate about the patients? Or do they seem stale and disconnected from the office as a whole? Marketing depends just as much on an energetic approach in your reception and clinical care as it does to online advertisements. No matter how much money you’re pouring into a dental marketing program, if your team doesn’t share the same level of concern for patients, it can affect the outcome.

Encourage Social Media Interactions with Your Patients

Creating lasting positive impressions to help to get the word out on social media about why your dental practice is different from the rest!

Start by sharing photos of your team-building exercises, trainings, or staff celebrations on social media to show how committed you are to having a work “family.” Follow up with props, portable frames, and “selfies” with your patients and have them tag your business for added perks like goodie bags, entries to drawings, etc. When going to the dentist is a fun experience, your patients will do extra social media marketing for you.

Choose a Dental Marketing Team with Social Media Expertise

Dentists need a marketing company who focuses solely on the dental health industry. You don’t want someone marketing electronics or babysitting services to be in charge of patient recruitment, because the appeal is completely different. We highlight the best characteristics of your practice and communicate those benefits to prospective new patients through various social media platforms. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more about our unique dental marketing approach.

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