Should Dentists Use Facebook To Market Their Service?

By February 26, 2017Digital Marketing
Dentist Facebook Posts

What used to be a small social network has now become the channel for all business. We’re talking Facebook here. The massive network where any company can find leads and generate sales. If you’re a dentist, this applies to you.

With Facebook PPC, dentists can run not only trackable but location-specific campaigns just like with Google. Besides that, there’s a myriad of options to allow one to be more niche and specific. Not just that, dental practitioners can target their audience based on any type of data, from the browser they use, the place they’re staying on the phone they are using. Imagine running a campaign for orthodontic treatments targeting Facebook visitors who accessed the site using the latest iPhone. Would it be safe to assume that they have expendable capital and are ideal patients regarding their paying ability?

Why is Facebook getting all the attention and becoming the darling for marketers these days? The reason is simple, Facebook PPC is cheaper than Google’s. The difference is pennies on Facebook compared with dollars on Google. Besides having a good call to action (CTA), relevant adverts and a strong landing page, dentists should have a responsive site to maximize their success, as the majority of Facebook users will most likely engage with them via a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

Throughout the years, Facebook has taken strides in developing the advertising side of the platform for the last two to three years. Ensure your success in online marketing and make sure you are not left behind.

Based on the Facebook press room, billions of pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month. This may seem like a staggering amount until you take into account that a mere 19% of these posts have the highest engagement rate and 19% is not the most detailed, most controversial, or most eloquent. In reality, the most powerful posts are the shortest. Gone are the days where you have to crack your head to come up with elaborate posts. You can now provide value to your potential patients without breaking a sweat. Snippets of content posted on your Facebook page can lead to great branding for your dental practice over a period of time.

Although social media today is quite confusing, with new networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and what not. There is an abundance of opportunity or your business to stand out on Facebook. The main words on Facebook are a post, comment, and like. Facebook fans tend to follow directions well when terms they are familiar with are used. By asking fans and friends to comment on your link or like a photo, you substantially increase the likelihood that they will.

In conclusion, the dentist should absolutely be testing Facebook advertising in their marketing efforts to drive patients to their practice. Either to generate leads for their patient flow or to retain existing patients, the dental practitioner of today have to be savvy with their marketing campaign and be on the cutting edge to ensure dental success.

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