Why Your Practice Should Invest in Hiring a Local SEO Expert

By October 8, 2018SEO
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Your dental practice’s success doesn’t rely on a standout website or marketing. The most important factor is how local people find you. A local SEO expert might just be the competitive edge you need to put your competition in its place.

Years ago, people found their dentist through referrals or Yellow Pages, but that’s not exactly the case today. The phone book has largely been replaced with online searches because prospects can find out more about your practice before they book an appointment.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the market you serve. When people in your area need your services, you want to be the first place they see.

Here’s how using a local SEO expert can help your practice attract patients online:

1. Local SEO Connects You to a Captive Audience

Studies show that half of those who do a local search end up visiting a location that same day.

Local searches are actively searching for specific products and services every day. When they find what they’re looking for, it will most likely end up in a phone call or visit.

In other words, local SEO is a highly targeted form of marketing that shouldn’t be left to chance.

2. They Handle All the Technical Stuff

Optimizing for a local market is more than just using keywords in the right places.

There’s a technical side that requires coding and configuration – stuff that most dental practices are too busy to handle themselves.

Applying practices like schema markup aren’t well known among those outside the SEO industry. But these little secrets can become your secret weapons that will push you past the competition.

3. SEO Experts Keep Up with Algorithm Changes

Just because you rank well on Google one day doesn’t mean you’ll stay there. Google’s algorithm is updated frequently to continue delivering the best results to its users.

And when the algorithm changes, your local rankings might, too.

SEO experts stay informed of any changes so they can best optimize your website. As a result, your rankings have their best chance of remaining on the up and up.

4. You’ll Be Optimized for the Omnichannel

Did you know that searching on your mobile device will likely give you different results than if you searched on a desktop?

Mobile SEO is arguably more important than traditional SEO, especially as on-the-go searching continues to increase. Using a professional SEO expert can ensure you’re optimized for whatever device your patients use to find you.

5. You Don’t Have to Learn Anything New

Using someone who’s skilled in local SEO means you don’t have to learn it yourself.

You get all the benefits of optimizing your website and marketing for your local market without the learning curve.

Local SEO pros keep their finger on the pulse to deliver best practices that will move the needle. They know what works and what doesn’t to maximize your investment and get you noticeable results.

Where to Find a Local SEO Expert

Are you ready to leverage the skills of a local SEO expert? Reach out to our team today for a free consultation and get the SEO boost you’ve been missing.

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