How to Manage the Online Reputation of Your Dental Practice

By December 28, 2017Reputation Management

Managing the Online Reputation of Your Dental Practice

Online reputation management is important for any business. Here you’ll learn how to manage the online reputation of your dental practice.

Do you miss the old days when you wouldn’t have to worry about what customers are saying about your dental practice online?

You probably do, because you wouldn’t be worrying about your brand’s online reputation!

The hard truth is you have no choice but to invest in an online reputation management service. If you don’t, your reputation will take a nosedive, and you’ll be unable to attract potential customers. Today, about 90 percent of internet users research and read online reviews before visiting a business.

Ready to learn how to manage the online reputation of your practice? Here are 4 handy tips!

Offer Excellent Customer/Patient Services

The journey to having a good online reputation begins offline!

You see, many internet users typically go to social media, personal blogs, reviews sites such as Yelp, and forums to share their experiences with friends. If a patient with an aching tooth comes to your practice and the front office personnel don’t give him an excellent service, the customer will naturally go online and share the experience.

Now imagine if this happens to hundreds of customers, and they all share their experiences online and give your practice negative reviews. You’ll gradually build a bad reputation, right?

This essentially means the most effective way to have a solid online reputation is to ensure your dental practice gives the best customer and patient services.

Satisfied customers not only give you positive reviews, but are also likely to recommend your practice to friends and family.

Engage Social Listening Tools

You have little control over what people say about your practice online. A competitor can purposely post negatives to sabotage your business. In fact, 20 percent of Yelp reviews are fake!

However, being proactive can help you counter such reviews.

For instance, if a person posts an unfair comment on a review site, you can immediately offer a professional response explaining the issue. But to do this, you have to monitor your reviews in real time! As a dentist, you definitely don’t have the time to keep tabs on multiple sites.

This is where social listening tools come in.

These tools will monitor what people are saying on the web, and give you hits in real time. You can then take the appropriate action before it’s too late.

Hire an Online Reputation Management Service for Your Dental Practice

The biggest mistake some dental practice owners make is trying to wear many hats at work. They want to see your patients, manage the office and even implement an online strategy.

As they soon realize, some tasks are better left to professionals.

That’s why you should hire an online reputation management professional to take care of your online reputation. The task might look easy, but there is more to it.

The professional will begin by conducting a reputation audit, and then put in place effective measures to clean negative reviews and build a positive reputation.


To this end, you’re certainly already looking for an online reputation manager.

Well, search no further!

We have the necessary expertise to help your dental practice build and maintain a positive online reputation.

Contact us to learn more about our services, or schedule a strategy session if you’re ready.


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