Is Your Dental Website Performing Like it Should?

By April 22, 2017Digital Marketing
Is Your Dental Website Performing Like it Should?

These days if you don’t have a website for your business, it’s the equivalent of not being listed in the Yellow Pages a couple of decades ago. If someone can’t “Google” you, you pretty much don’t exist! But it’s not just having the website that’s important…you also need to make sure that it’s performing the way you want it to be.

Here’s what we mean:


Well over half of internet traffic is conducted from a smart phone or tablet. What does it look like when you view your website from a mobile device? Do you have to zoom in to view text, or does it automatically convert into a mobile-friendly platform that anyone can read?

Design is another aspect that makes a website easier to view. What may seem as a minute detail — such as the type of font used, color of the background, and the pictures you choose — can make or break the type of first impression that you want to make.


Americans tend to have short attention spans. We look for the information that we want to find and if it isn’t there, we go somewhere else. Your website needs to be easy to navigate. Find a design team that uses a proven template or platform that includes all the vital information someone would need to contact you or find out what you’re all about.


Is your website slow to load? If it takes a couple of seconds longer than average to pull up, most people will close out of it and move on to a competitor’s website. The cause could be anything from your site host to the scripts run in the background of your site’s coding. This is where a Do-it-Yourself job can result in more bad marketing than good.


Who wrote the text on your website? Is it a canned, generic page of content that’s used across a dozen other businesses? If you’re like most dentists or practice managers, you don’t have time to sit down and write it for yourself. Work with a professional dental marketing team that will tailor the verbiage to reflect your methodologies, technology, and services. The last thing that you need is someone putting words into your mouth that don’t reflect your personal techniques.

Driving Traffic

Let’s talk SEO, pay-per-click, and Google AdWords for a minute. It can be beneficial to have someone interpret the data for local searches in your area and make the judgement call as to what keywords or searches are producing the heaviest online traffic. Why work with a one-lane access road when you could be diverting traffic to a four-lane freeway?

We work with private dental practice owners to implement sound, proven online marketing strategies. Whether you want to promote a new service or simply bring in a set number of new patients each month, our dental marketing experts can guide you through the steps to make it happen.

We guarantee rapid, high-value results that are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ready to learn more? Contact us today for a no-fuss, no-obligation consultation. Call us at 571-316-2800 or schedule a no-commitment consultation here.

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