How to Get More Dental Leads

By September 10, 2017Digital Marketing
Get More Dental Leads

New patient appointments: you’ve got a number that you want to hit each week, and even have block scheduling set aside for when someone calls. But are you able to fill them like you should?

Here are some simple and effective leads that you can start using right away to bring new patients (dental leads) into your practice.

Love Your Patients
Word of mouth referrals are one of the very best lead sources that a dentist can ask for. Once you get one family member in and give them a good experience, the rest will follow. The key is to create an emotional connection with each person who steps foot in your office. When they feel good about the care and attention that they’ve received, your name will be the first one they mention when the subject of finding a new dentist comes up. If they don’t feel valued, they won’t come back (or send their friends.)

Offer Referral Incentives
Reward your patients for sending new dental leads your way. Although regulations vary from state-to-state, there are things you can do to thank your referral sources. It may be a credit toward their account, free perks (like an electric toothbrush or whitening gel), or even a gift card/basket that you send in the mail.

Advertise Your New Patient Specials
New patient specials work well, if used correctly. Be sure to make it worth both you and your patients’ time, though. A disclaimer that’s a mile long will only deter prospective new clientele. Consider something simple, such as a “Free Athletic Mouthguard for High School Athletes” after their initial exam, cleaning, and x-rays; or “Free Whitening Trays” after the comprehensive visit, in the absence of any gum or dental disease.

Network with Your Peers
A lot of dentists are afraid that making professional referrals will keep patients from returning to their office. But working locally with specialists in your area can help you both increase your patient numbers, by better caring for the unique needs of individuals. Just be sure to provide follow-up letters so that everyone is on the same page.

Get Your Patients to Brag About You Online
Whether it’s an online check-in on Facebook or getting them to post a Yelp! review while they’re still in the operatory chair, online reviews and recommendations are free advertising that you can’t afford to lose. Think about it: the last time you sat down to find a new plumber, doctor, roofer, etc. you probably checked out their online reviews. Nearly every business is bound to have one or two clients that go online to complain…so the key is to overwhelm your feedback with positive reviews that show a consistency in high quality care. Your viewers will be able to pick out who is a “sore loser” and who isn’t.

Get Experienced Help
We’ve seen what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to bringing new patients and referrals into your practice. Don’t waste your time and energy on dental leads that aren’t effective. Maximize your return on investment with the help of our experts. Contact us today for a free, no pressure consultation.

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