How Do I Improve My Dental Practice’s Rank in Google?

By January 22, 2018Digital Marketing

You want to dominate your competition right?

Are you serious about improving your rank in Google and getting to that coveted #1 spot?

Some of you started your dental practices before the internet took over the world. Patients knew the reputation of business through word of mouth. Now that almost everyone is online, you have to put your dental practice out there. Maybe you are asking yourself “How Do I Improve My Dental Practice’s Rank in Google?” or “How do I set my practice apart from the rest?” Well seek no further, here are the answers that you need.

Local Listings
Let’s look at this in terms of cavities. If left unattended it turns to a whole new problem. It is important that you take a step to list your business in the local business listings. This enables your current and potential customers to find you easily.

Using platforms like google or yelp will help drive traffic to your website. The problem just like the cavity is if your listings are not consistent you rating suffers. To keep up with the listing provide clear and relevant information that your patients can use.

Ever searched for a local store online and gotten results with incorrect or out-of-date information? Seems to show up with no explanation about where it comes from right? What if your patient did the same thing and got the wrong number? It’s becoming clearer now right? Well, wait until you hear why.

If you look at the figure below from Moz, a leader in inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions. See all the arrows, those are feeds that the search giants use to pull in business information from a variety of other sources, in addition to maintaining their own business databases. They both do the best they can to match the data that comes in from these other sources with what they have in their own index, but sometimes that doesn’t happen properly. But with so many sources, you can see why things can get messy real fast.

Keyword optimization
This is a very important factor in raising your rank on google. Keywords help the search engines to select new and accurate information. By using a keyword, you increase the chances of an online user running into your website. You can use different sites like Google Webmasters, and Google Analytics to find new search terms that you can include in your content.

Website optimization
Driving traffic to a website is not a walk in the park. You want your patients to meet an attractive website that runs fluidly. You want the first page to capture their attention and make them want to explore.

You can choose to create a catchy tag and remember the keyword has to be inserted in the tag, for example, Dentist in Indiana | Periodontists Dental Associates. It is also advisable that you include your meta description. This is usually 100-150 characters that include a summary of your services and contacts.

Include catchy information about your practice and what you generally cover. This background text lets the user gauge how they feel about what you are offering. Avoid making it too long, 500-1000 words are acceptable.

Create traffic
If it is true that there are 1000 ways to skin a cat, then there are various ways you can use to create traffic. First, create inbound links. This is basically connecting to other websites. The more you have, the more people pop up on your website.

Blogs are another excellent way that people use to create traffic. Featuring refreshing content on your blog thus indicating that you are knowledgeable in the field. The more people who visit your blog the higher your ranking goes.

Videos are another thing that can help build traffic. 2018 is set to be the year of video in digital marketing. By using sites like Youtube, you get to engage another level of the audience. You can make funny instructional videos and go viral. The aim is to get as many eyes on you as you can. Period.

While it is recommended to offer excellent service, it will be of no benefit if you get verbal reviews. You may want to offer a link where patients can post reviews about your excellent service. If they forget you can always send a friendly email to remind them. The more insight you have, the better for improvements.

Follow up
It is absolutely necessary that you keep track of your conversion rates, traffic numbers, and rankings. This allows you to adjust your information or fix any mishaps that may arise. You don’t run a mile only to falter at the last step. Ensure regular follow-ups are included in the routine.

Sounds simple right? It is in theory but with an expert in dental digital marketing at your fingertips, you will be atop the rankings in no time.  Schedule your free strategy session now to learn how.

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