How Do I Find New Dental Patients Using The Internet?

By February 18, 2017Digital Marketing
How Do I Find New Dental Patients Using The Internet

Gone are the days when running a dental practice was as simple as just treating your patients! If you are a dentist or a dental marketer and you want to bring more patients to your practice, then you can’t ignore the power of the internet! With an increasing number of dental practices springing up in every nook and corner, dentists must realize that the conventional methods are no longer useful. Here are some tips for you to improve your patient inflow by harnessing the power of the internet.

1. Maintaining a Website with High Conversation Rate

Most dentists have a misconception that their practice’s website only serves the purpose of providing information to prospective and returning patients. What most dentists don’t realize is that they can also use their websites to attract more patients! How? By simply increasing the conversion rates of the website. Conversion rate refers to the number of website viewers who visit the dental practice for treatment. Your website may be receiving 5000 clicks in a month, but only 2 patients turn up for treatment. You should try to design your website in a manner that appeals to the prospective patients and they want to visit you for consultation and treatment.

2. Search Engine Optimization

You can’t expect to grow the number of new patients in, unless your practice is easily visible on an internet search. You can hire the services of a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to incorporate keywords that improve the visibility of your website on local and regular search. The higher your website ranks on google search, the greater the chances that people will visit your website, and ultimately come for dental treatment.

3. Retargeting

Every website that you visit on the internet, cookies from that website are stored in your web browser. Marketing firms then use these cookies to show ads on Facebook and other sites, which are relevant to the searches that you usually make over the internet. Suppose you searched for a dental practice around in your area of residence, you will get similar ads and suggestions in the form of ads on your Facebook page. How cool is that? In this way, you are suggesting people about what they already have been searching over the internet.

4. Patient Testimonials

Most people tend to choose a dental practice by reading the reviews that have been posted over the internet by patients who have already been treated by the dentist. The greater the number of favorable reviews posted for a dentist, the greater the chances that patients would like to visit their practice for treatment. You can encourage your patients to post their reviews over Platforms like Google+ and Yelp listings. Once you have received enough favorable reviews, your website will develop an “online reputation” of being a patient friendly practice, and you will observe a steady flow of new patients to your practice each day. However, you cannot get positive reviews unless you focus on providing highest quality of dental care to your patients. When your patients leave your practice, they should be so happy and satisfied from your services that they cannot wait to tell their friends and relatives about the quality of care they received.

5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

When done properly, social media marketing can bring in amazing results. You can utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to advertise your practice. You can’t expect prospective patients to visit your Facebook or Twitter pages, if you keep on adding automated posts. You need to add posts that are engaging and interesting for your patients. You can post anything about dentistry, like interesting facts about dentistry or explaining a dental procedure in a patient-friendly way.

In summation, the modern digital age has revolutionized the norms of running a successful dental business. Gone are the days when dental practices relied solely on the “word of mouth” of their patients. The internet provides an effective and powerful medium for dentists to advertise and promote their business, and increase their revenues by improving their patient in-flow. If you haven’t already internet marketing strategy for your dental practice, it is high time that you do so if you want to compete with your neighboring dental business.

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