How Dentists Can Use SEO to Get More Patients

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How Dentists Can Use SEO to Get More Patients

In today’s noisy and hectic world, it’s hard to get your message across, whatever industry you’re in.

More so if you’re in the dental field, chances are you’re having difficulty getting your promotions to your potential customers in a targeted manner. So how do you use the internet today to capture leads and drive patients to your dental practice?

Many ways to skin a cat

There are various ways to do so, from social media to paid advertising to search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most cost effective method and is a sure win as a long- term strategy is SEO. It is the process of increasing a website’s visibility in search engine results.

The higher the dental practice’s website ranks (or appears) in the list of search results for specific keywords, the more people will click through to learn more regarding the dentist and your practice. What do new patients in your area see when they search Google for dentistry? Over the years, online marketing experts across the world regularly debate the best methods to improve website rankings.

Still, there are tried-and-true, cost-effective yet highly efficient methods that dentists can employ to dial up their online engagement and search engine visibility.

When you are a solo dentist or being in a small company, the marketing budget is limited. It is hard to compete with the big boys, say, corporate dental offices. However, you can’t get away from marketing your services online, especially in the year 2017. Not anymore. The Internet is where close to 100% of us turn when making important decisions, such as choosing the perfect dentist for the particular treatment, be it root canal, periodontal treatment tor orthodontics.

Google, of course, seems to have all the answers these days. It is precisely what the Yellow Pages were 20 years before. The moment when someone commits to a buying decision, he or she will type keywords such as “best children dentist” into Google or any search engine for that matter.

What can you do to get started?

1) Producing engaging and high-quality content. This is the backbone of your online search presence. Your educational content for patients should be heavily researched, and your web pages carefully produced. Being a dentist, you have the domain expertise of the industry and able to provide compelling content that your potential customers will appreciate.

2) Have your contact information be in relevant places.  There are certain places we all gravitate towards on a website. Patients need to be able to contact you, accompanied by calls-to-action. Only then can you hope to drive phone calls and walk-ins from eager patients your way. Use Facebook and Google Business to list your practice too. No doubt those are social media sites, they still are a signal for Google’s SEO algorithm.

3) Start a blog and or website. Whenever there is a compelling case that is worth sharing with your readers, post it up. This is “real estate” for the web to generate backlinks back to your dental practice website. Each page must strive to provide value upfront. By being the go-to source of a particular problem, such as implants for tooth loss or orthodontics for crooked teeth.

In summation, SEO works in today’s world as a traffic source and online reputation tool for the dentist. It is crucial today to market your practice so that patients around your neighborhood will perceive you as a reliable dental service provider.

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