Great Facebook Post Ideas for Your Dental Practice

By December 30, 2017Social Media

Hopefully you have started to prepare 2018 goals for your dental practice.

One of those goals is most likely to get more dental patients. A great way to attract new patients is with engaging social media posts.

But where to start? Keep reading for a few Facebook post ideas to help get you started.

Patient Highlights
Have you recently completed a significant smile makeover, implant case, or orthodontic treatment? Consider having your patient sign a release to share their before and after photos on the world wide web. It never hurts to ask; they’re likely just as excited to share it as you are!

When your audience is able to see “real” people just like themselves, it encourages them to consider the very same treatments the next time they see you for an appointment.

Contests and Drawings
Depending on your state board rules and regulations, offering contests and giveaways is an effective way to attract a Facebook audience, shares, and added “likes.”

For example, one office might want to offer a drawing for a movie basket that includes tickets to a blockbuster, gift cards for popcorn and snacks, and movies to watch at home. When Facebook followers “like,” “share,” and “comment” on the post, they’re entered into a drawing. In little time at all, everybody in town knows who you are.

Reminders About Insurance Benefits
As most people are aware, insurance benefits can be difficult to navigate. In many cases, the patient doesn’t fully understand how their policy even works. Consider having 1-2 informative posts per month that highlight insurance facts, like the idea of benefits resetting on January 1st, how preventive services are covered at a higher rate, etc. The goal in mind is to convince patients to go ahead and make an appointment for unscheduled treatment, to get the most out of their coverage.

Special Opportunities
Are you offering free whitening for new patients? A complimentary orthodontic evaluation for all adults? Publicize it on your Facebook page to help get the word out.

Posts with Images
Adding an image to your post can help it rank higher on the news feed. It’s also easier to catch the eyes of your audience. But don’t just use any image. Be sure you’ve selected high quality ones that are approved for commercial use. In most cases, social media image editing websites can direct you toward the right ones, or the images can be purchased online through professional libraries.

Opportunities to Engage
Asking questions or for input from your audience is a great way to get people commenting on your posts. When they do, the post will pop up in news feeds of people who are friends with your engaged patients, creating valuable brand awareness that dentists so often strive to achieve. Just be sure to have someone that’s available to respond to their comments, otherwise your page could risk appearing stagnant or staged.

Facebook “Boosts”
Paid boosts can make your Facebook posts show up in news feeds of unreached prospective patients. You can even select which audiences (such as age, income, geographical area, etc.) see the post.

Want more Facebook post ideas? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Book a complimentary consultation with us today! We’re here to help you take your dental marketing strategies to the next level. We offer 100% satisfaction on all of our services, regardless of the size of your practice or your budget.

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