Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd: Personalized Dental Marketing

By February 14, 2017Digital Marketing
Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd: Personalized Dental Marketing

Setting your practice apart from the rest takes skill, knowledge, and a high-touch marketing team. Otherwise, your contract just turns into a client number that gets lost in the cloud…both online, and at your dental marketing team’s office. Not only do your prospective patients have a hard time finding you or differentiating you from different dentists in the area, but the advertising firm doesn’t know you from Adam, either.

Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen:

Pick a Dental Marketing Firm That Knows You by Name

There’s probably nothing that feels more discouraging than to write someone a check for marketing services and them not even be able to remember your name. Unfortunately, with many of the big dental marketing companies that’s what you’ll get. Generalized services that are one-size-fits-most and more generic, rather than client-focused.

You wouldn’t want your patients to come in and your staff reintroduce themselves each time because they can’t remember who they’ve already met. Why would you want the same from a marketing company that’s selling your services online to other people?

Go with your gut. Personal connections with your dental marketing provider aren’t just a matter of preference…they also mean that you’ll get more personalized services and attention when you need and expect it. When something needs to be updated, tweaked, changed, or even fixed, a private firm will be able to give your account the extra level of attention that your account deserves.

Use a Company That’s Focuses on Dentists

When you think about it, a dentist shouldn’t be using the same marketing company that, say, a restaurant across town is using. Yes, the ads might look great, but you need SEO and AdWords specialists who understand the dental patient and what they’re looking for. Plus, they can highlight key features of your practice that put you ahead of other dentists in the area. Otherwise you’re spending lots of money for online campaigns that aren’t specific to the type(s) of patient(s) that you’re trying to attract.

Instead, pick a company that has extensive experience working directly with dental practices. That way they’re familiar with everything from unique services to insurance carriers.

Monitor and Evaluate Your Growth on a Long Term Scale

Fast-and-furious marketing plans only produce short-term growth that later falls stagnant. If you’re going to invest in the best online advertising possible, your dental marketing team should consistently evaluate the data of your online traffic and new patient growth each month and year. Empty promises mean nothing when your patient numbers aren’t changing for the better.

We offer one-on-one personalized dental marketing to private practice owners just like you. Our experience in the dental industry assures that you’ll get the most out of your online marketing plan. Plus, our knowledgeable team utilizes data-driven results and techniques to attract your ideal prospective patients in your particular geographic area. Schedule your free strategy session here or call us at 571-316-2800.

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