Do You Know How To Blog As A Dental Practitioner?

By March 23, 2017Digital Marketing
Do You Know How To Blog As A Dental Practitioner?

Should dentist blog? To us, the answer is yes. And here’s why in one sentence – it establishes authority and is an awesome marketing tool.

For your blog to produce tangible results for your dental practice, you need your content to be engaging and attract the interest of prospective patients around your neighborhood. These are people who are already searching the web for information about dental-related issues such as a toothache and TMJ problems. The most valuable blog content is both educational and patient-centered. Posts that are self-promotional aren’t as useful from a marketing standpoint because prospective patients aren’t interested in reading an advertisement. You are responsible for showing your practice’s quality by helping them with their questions about dental care.

If you still don’t have a blog for your dental practice yet, you’re potentially missing out a lot on significant marketing opportunities. Use examples from other dental blogs or news sites to spark your brainstorming session. Think up with some relevant topics that your prospective patients want to be educated about. Teaching them issues that are important to them makes your practice very attractive to the public.

Blogging hugely increases the chances your business will be found online. Ever wondered how does that happen? Each new blog post you and your team writes creates a new indexable page. It is worth noting that well-written and informative blog posts attract inbound links. What that happens, it’s a good thing that your website a higher rank on search engines–this is where SEO improves.

With that said, I think boiling down dental SEO into it’s most basic tenants is what is most profitable for your practice. And that’s what I’m here to do for you.

Dental SEO is for any practice that has determined through careful assessment of your practice’s marketing goals and budget, which searchers are looking for you in high enough volume that it behooves you to ensure that you’re ranked high sufficiently to make your practice readily available to the patients you want most. We perform this expert analysis by looking at data provided by search engines such as Google. Once we’ve determined how competitive the search engine landscape is for your services in your geographic area, we’re able to project how to best proceed.

I’ve heard business owners question whether people read blogs anymore. The terms “blog” and “blog posts” are synonyms. Blogs are places for content and blog posts are the articles themselves.

So people may not go to a blog to get information, but they do get information from blog posts.

As the business owner of your dental practice and you’ve decided to start blogging, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? I’ve found that it’s “what do I write about?”

Here’s my first piece advice: Don’t think about the topics before you think about your customers and what they care about.

Good blogging starts with knowing what your patients and clients are curious about. In your dental office, it’ll be important to have whoever handles content strategy and writing to communicate with the dentists, associates, and dental assistants.

What’s the best way to identifying good content for your blog? Ask your patients! Patients ask you questions everyday. So note down what you’re constantly asked, and start from there.

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