Do You Even Blog Doc?

By February 8, 2017Digital Marketing
Do You Even Blog Doc

Online presence for dentists has become a need these days due to the mass audience online. Blogging provides a way to promote your dental practice by widely expressing ideas than most other social media would do. Some doctors may wonder how they’ll find the time to write considering their busy schedules. But, the benefits of blogging cannot be overlooked. If you don’t own one yet, here are the top 5 reasons why you need a blog:

1. Building relationships
Blogging is about building relationships with clients including patients, medical suppliers, and fellow dentists. It gives you the power to directly communicate with your patients unlike them waiting to see or hear your ads on print, TV or radio.

Your patients need to build confidence in you for them to trust you with their health. When you constantly engage them with truthful information, they become loyal eventually. You’ll end up having a sustainable and profitable medical practice.

Blog writing somehow keeps your patient committed to you when you’re busy with other appointments. Your patients feel you’re helping them even while away. It also helps you to reach out to potential patients.

2. Knowledge sharing
Look at a blog as a platform where you can share your knowledge with others. No matter what specific niche you practice, your knowledge might just be what someone else needs to know. There are dental students seeking information from experts like you and the easiest place they can reach you is online. Some people feel like talking about their expertise and skills is boasting but what you write on the blog is valuable to readers in the long run.

3. Social media marketing tool
Blog writing allows you to post detailed content that’s not possible with other social networking sites like Twitter. If you already have a website, it acts as a marketing tool along your Facebook Page, Google+ and Twitter. Remember your social media fans follow you because of their interest in you. By creating original content and constantly posting on your blog, you keep them more interested.

4. Increasing awareness
Blogging also helps to create awareness. In this information age, individuals are quick to rush online whenever they seek professional advice, unlike looking for the nearest hospital. They first want to find a credible dentist before they go knocking on the door. You need to be available when someone sifts through Google searches for any relevant topic. It becomes easy for them to learn a few things about you and locate you, assuming you’ll have contact links.

Sometimes you might cover topics that need references from other dentists and so you end up citing their views in between. Providing links to other professional works helps to put your name in the industry. You gain readership from followers of other experts thus you become known to them.

5. A platform to express yourself
Many dentists with blogs can attest how passionate they feel writing about what they do on a daily basis. Telling the world about what happens behind curtains can cause patients to empathize with you in tough situations. Besides, having content online about your accomplishments gives a sense of satisfaction apart from taking care of patients. Your ideas and insights earn you respect among peers.

In conclusion
Don’t just sit back and wait for patients to knock on your door. Start a blog today and keep your patients and fans engaged with your dental views. With the increasing number of people flocking online, you should be there with them when matters arise. Otherwise, if you are not blogging, we don’t know you.

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