Do I Need To Have Facebook Ads For My Dental Practice?

By September 3, 2017Digital Marketing

This is question that we get asked a lot. If you’re running a dental practice and in need to growing your brand, you need to use Facebook ads. Understand the usefulness of measurement and its influence in developing effective inbound marketing for your dental practice.

Facebook advertising is a significant and growing business: companies spent more than $9 billion on Facebook ads in the second quarter of this year alone. That’s an increase of 47% (Nearly $3 billion) from the same period in 2016.

At last count, more than 2B people were using Facebook. And those users are highly engaged with the content posted on the network: More than 800M people like stuff on Facebook every single day.

As an owner of a dental practice, you have to strategize how to attract your patients via Facebook. The metrics you can track are the number of likes, engagement rate and some leads generated using the Facebook business.

Of course, when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your advertising buck, too huge of an audience can be a negative thing. Because in the end, you only want to pay to expose your dental clinic to people who might be interested in getting dental treatments with you.

Fortunately, Facebook offers multiple layers of targeting, so you can focus your Facebook ads on precisely the right audience for your business to maximize ROI. If you run a dental practice and looking to increase your digital reach, the primary tactic you should deploy in 2017 is Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising offers some of the most robust options when it comes to advertising options & precise audience targeting. You can deploy ads to do a variety of things, from growing your Facebook audience to promote your apps on mobile.

Facebook offers ten campaign objectives based on what you want your ad to accomplish. For each of those objectives, you can choose various ad formats based on your chosen goal and target audience. Prior to digging into some specific Facebook ad examples and the technical requirements for each size, let’s take a quick look at how the various types of Facebook campaigns align with business goals

For example, since Facebook doesn’t want their user’s newsfeeds to be filled with text-heavy images screaming for attention, you need to keep your text overlays to less than 20% of your image. (This also applies to video thumbnails.) In fact, the less text there is in your image, the more widely it will be distributed.

Facebook ads are easy enough to set up and manage. Ads Manager and Power Editor are 2 sides of the same coin; they are Facebook’s ad creation place. They’ve become so similar over the past year that it seems that they’ll fuse into one another at some point in time. Nevertheless, to keep it clear, you can use either of these platforms to accomplish your advertising goals.

In conclusion, although Facebook advertising is pretty straightforward and easy to use, there are certain things you should know before getting started. Knowing your marketing objective, setting the type of your audience, setting a budget and designing your ad is the simple steps it takes to getting started.

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