Is Your Dental Practice on an Online Business Directory?

By May 7, 2018Dental Marketing

The Importance Using an Online Business Directory

An online business directory can do wonders for your business. See how dentists benefit from using them and why you should too.

The number of dental offices and practices continue to rise in the United States.

If you own one of these practices, you may be finding it difficult to stand out from your competitors.

Visibility is key for you to have a successful business. One step towards improving your visibility is making your business information easy to find through a directory.

Ready to let tons more potential customers find your business? Keep reading to find out six of the top reasons using an online business directory is so important!

1. Easy Starting Point

Most businesses are aware of how important SEO ranking is, but few capitalize on the practice. For newer businesses that are wary of jumping into online marketing, a directory is a good way to test the waters.

Submitting your information to an online directory is easy, as an easy to follow process will be in place. Most directories will also have support available if you run into issues.

2. Cost Effective

Businesses now spend more on digital advertising than television and other mediums. This makes a lot a sense because you can do a lot more for a lot less in the digital space.

Full digital marketing services can sometimes be too expensive for smaller businesses. Using an online business directory is one way to get some of the benefits of a full marketing campaign for a much lower cost.

3. Target Local Customers

Online directories have information for the entire nation, but they also filter down results based on state and cities. This can help you target and connect with people who live near and around your business.

This type of local targeting can be very beneficial for dental offices because people often want convenient locations for medical appointments.

Check out these other helpful tips for doing well with local SEO.

4. Accessibility

Customers expect information about businesses to be readily available when they do an online search. By ensuring your information is present and correct in online business directories, you will meet their expectation.

5. Business Reputation

Online negative reviews sometimes make businesses shy away from having a large online presence. This is a bad tactic, however, because it also means they can’t receive positive reviews.

Positives reviews are crucial, as many customers seek this information in deciding to visit a business or not. Having plenty of reviews, good and bad, makes your business seem genuine.

Responding any negative reviews and offering potential solutions mitigates some damage from poor reviews.

6. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Business directories get a lot of traffic and having your information on there means you get to share in that traffic.

With high amounts of traffic, you are more likely to rank higher on Google. This ultimately will help more and more people find your business online.

Online Business Directory Benefits for All

It should be evident that using online directories for your business is an absolute must. No matter how long you’ve been in business, there are benefits to gain.

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