Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Digital Marketing Plan

By February 11, 2018Digital Marketing
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Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Digital Marketing Plan

Does your dental practice have a digital marketing plan? Here is why it’s essential to have one if you want to find marketing success.

The world of marketing is not what it used to be. Businesses used to be able to create fun radio jingles or TV commercials and call it a day on their campaigns.

But now, consumers are all online and businesses need a digital marketing plan to reach them. Without this tool, you are losing patients to the dentists down the street.

Think you can get by anyways? Probably not, and here’s why.

The following are four things digital marketing can do for your dental practice.

1. Expand Your Business’s Reach

Running a digital marketing plan begins with your website, then goes much further.

Think of your website as your online office. This is where new and current patients come to interact with you. They will be looking for the kinds of dental services you offer, reviews from past patients, and scheduling availability.

All of these needs should be met with clear, well-written copy and engaging images. The information comes together to create a beautiful, optimized website.

This is the foundation for you to expand your internet presence on social media, in email campaigns, and even in industry blogs and news outlets.

Consider running your own blog, too.

Such efforts take a basic website and turn it into a large online breadth for your brand to capitalize on.

2. Target Your Audience Better

Whether you are developing the copy on your website’s homepage or writing a guest post for someone else, you need to communicate everything with your target audience in mind.

Picture your ideal patient.

Is it a young child, or an elderly person in need of dentures? Are you focusing on cosmetic dentistry or do you want to bring in more people for check-ups each year?

Use the answers to these questions as the guideline for everything you create.

Think of the best keywords that go with this persona, but go beyond that, too. Consider your ideal patient’s lifestyle, income, and availability. Show them that you understand their desires and that you are prepared to meet their needs.

3. Create Strong Customer Relationships

The better you convey the initiatives above, the stronger your relationship with patients will be.

It’s one thing to foster this in your practice with the right staff and satisfactory treatments. But, it’s another to keep these interactions alive through the internet.

Posting blogs about things your consumers think about shows you care and that you want to be a resource for them. Making opt-ins and scheduling easy to do digitally represents that you value their time.

These little things go a long way.

They can be the difference between brand loyalty and indifference the next time one of your patients needs a dental exam.

4. Enjoy a Better ROI

Digital marketing is the way of the future.

You can keep relying on brochures and jingles if you want, but you will be missing out on a huge chunk of your market. Investing in digital, though, takes your business further than it could go alone or with print.

Digital marketing allows you to take advantage of your local market and opens doors for you to continue growing your business.

It can be as simple as another method of communication or turn into a marketing powerhouse – with the right tactics, of course.

Either way, the return on your marketing dollars is clear.

This is the best exposure you can give your dental practice.

Start Building Your Digital Marketing Plan

You can’t see a strong ROI without first investing in digital marketing.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to tackle the online world alone. Our team at Pat Hanley Consulting is here to craft the digital marketing plan you need.

Contact us today to get started and discover what going digital can do for you.

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