Daring Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Attract New Patients

By October 19, 2018Dental Marketing

You can’t just hang a sign on your door announcing your dental practice has opened and expect patients to start walking through the door. First off, there’s a lot more competition than there ever was.

There are nearly 200,000 other dentists and while they don’t all live where you do, you’re probably not the only game in town, either. Which is why you need to think creatively.

Marketing ideas don’t have to cost a lot, they just have to work. With that in mind, here are a few dental marketing ideas to put your business ahead of your competition.

Your Dental Marketing Ideas Should Include Videos

One dental marketing idea that will never go out of style is to place videos on your website. That’s because, by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be to watch a video.

Mobile consumption of videos on YouTube actually increases by 100% every year. Include a few videos about you and your employees.

Create how-to videos. Show off your latest dental technological advances by sharing it on a video. Just make sure you hire a professional to create the videos and make proper use of SEO tactics to improve your Google ranking.

Include Bios and Professional Photography on Your Website

Dentists patients want to know what you look like before they walk in the door. Your patients also want to know what your employees look like.

Your business is about trust.

Make it easy by hiring a professional photographer to take a few shots of you, your staff, and the office. You can then add it to your website, your social media sites, and any search engine business listings you’ve added your dental practice on.

Don’t forget to include the biographies of you and your employees. Keep the bios short but highlight your best achievements.

Create a Patient Referral Program

A great dental marketing idea is to get your current patients involved. Entice them to join your marketing team by setting up a referral program.

You could offer them a free cleaning for each new referral who has an initial cleaning and exam. You can also offer a percentage off their next dental visit for every new patient they refer.

Get Patient Reviews

Reviews on websites and search engines are widely used. We all want to know what a product or service is like before you go ahead and try it ourselves.

Even as few as five patient reviews can help new patients feel confident enough to schedule an appointment. Getting patient reviews is easy.

You can e-mail them to ask to leave you a review or simply set up a page on your website where patients are encouraged to leave reviews.

Throw Events

The best dental office marketing ideas get others involved in helping spread the word about your practice. Throwing an event is the perfect way to get buzz created around your practice.

Have a Halloween party at your office where you serve sugar-free candy and hand out free toothbrushes with your name and address on them. Sponsor the local baseball team.

Get Help

If you have a dental marketing idea, it’s always worth trying it out. Just make sure you determine how to measure its success before you launch it.

If you need help with dental marketing ideas, we can help. Contact us to request a free quote.

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