Why Content is Key for Dental Internet Marketing

By April 9, 2018Dental Marketing
Dental Internet Marketing

Why Content is Key for Dental Internet Marketing

When it comes to dental internet marketing, creating content could be your biggest tool. Click here to learn why.

As a marketing strategy, content marketing is on the rise as one of the most important elements of a marketing campaign. Why? What is it about content marketing that makes people tick?

In a word, authenticity. Consumers are wising up to marketing schemes, and don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. Content marketing sells your service organically.

As a brick and mortar dental office, you need to be engaged in dental internet marketing strategies to bring in new clients. In 2018, that’s just a fact.

Keep reading to learn more about why content marketing is so effective.

Why Authenticity Matters

Have you ever actually called the number on a dentist office’s ad plastered on a bus stop bench? Probably not.

But how much time do you spend on the internet? One estimate says you spend half the day staring at screens. And you’re not just clicking through ads–if anything, you’re trying to avoid them.

If you’re anything like most internet users, you use Google pretty frequently. From looking up recipes to finding a new dentist to looking up advice on how often to floss, Google’s got you covered.

Say a potential customer searches in Google, “how many times a day should I floss?” and your article pops up. Before you know it, they’re on your site, reading your content and finding all the answers they need.

A bond of trust has already been formed. You’ve already helped them. At the end of the blog article, there’s a link to make a dental cleaning appointment via your online booking agent.

Make Your Content Work for You

See how your lead was led through your content to become a new client? Your content needs to be three things to turn leads into clients:

  • actually helpful
  • original
  • written for your target audience

Helpful content makes your links clickable. If someone Googles a query and the exact answer pops up in the form of your content, they’re going to click through to find the information they need.

Original content appeals to your credibility. No one wants to use a service that plagiarizes content for their own purposes. It also sets you apart from other sites, making them more likely to come back to your site for fresh, new perspectives.

Your target audience is key when composing new content. Consider your target demographic and the sort of language they respond to. Write for them, and they’ll identify with your words better.

If you create content according to these three tips, you’ll create bonds of trust with exactly the people you want to reach, naturally and organically. It’s marketing that’s disguised as conversation.

Blogs can be hard to keep up with, but they’ll improve your SEO ranking and bring in slews of new leads. It’s a lot more fun and a lot less expensive to write an article than to pay for advertising, too.

Your Dental Internet Marketing Plan

Are you all set with your dental internet marketing tactics? It can be a lot to consider while also operating your business.

Check out our free SEO audit to see where you stand, and get in touch to discuss how good marketing can help your business thrive.


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