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Why Your Dentist Website Needs to Be Secure

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Why Your Dentist Website Needs to Be Secure

Website security is growing in importance, especially for healthcare sites. Click here to learn why you should prioritize security for your dentist website.

In 2018, no business is safe from a cyber attack. Last year, a number of business icons were victim to major hacks.

For example, credit giant Equifax was breached. This resulted in a massive data theft affecting 146 million accounts. Retail stores like Target and Home Depot were also hacked.

Considering the volume of cyber attacks, website security is growing in importance. This is especially true for healthcare websites that are responsible for patient privacy.

Read on to learn more about website security. Also, explore reasons why you should focus on security for your dentist website.

Google Will Flag a Dentist Website That is Unsecured

Hacking incidents have prompted major changes from internet browsers and search engines. One initiative is to drive web traffic away from websites that are unsecured.

Consider Google Chrome as the perfect example. Chrome red flags websites that do not use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a commonly used security feature.

Chrome’s red flag is not subtle; there is an alert symbol next to the URL accompanied by a glaring warning in a bold red text. This change is sure to scare off web browsers from visiting your dentist website or scheduling an appointment.

Why Did Google Make This Change?

Google made this change to highlight websites that did not meet the most basic data encryption standards. They pinpointed websites that handle personal information and passwords. Additionally, the change affects websites that process credit or debit card payments online.

Without the use of SSL, hackers can intercept information that is being transmitted from your computer to the website. Furthermore, hostile actors can infect your computer with malware through this vulnerability.

Why Is Encryption So Important for a Dentist Website?

Medical websites have changed dramatically over the past decade. In the past, websites were primarily used for marketing purposes.

Now, a growing number of medical practices handle administrative tasks through their website. A great example of this trend is reflected in the patient portal.

To reduce call volume and paperwork, medical practices started sharing data through a patient portal. Patients can log in to the portal and access blood results, laboratory tests, and more.

Additionally, medical billing is increasingly handled online. Instead of making payments over the phone or by mailing a check, many patients are opting for the convenience of an online payment.

The transmission of medical and payment information drives the need for website security. The dental practice protects its patients’ privacy and personal information.

While these conveniences are important to consumers, a robust cybersecurity strategy is necessary. Otherwise, the reputation of your dental practice is at risk. Patients will move on if they are not confident in the practice’s ability to protect information.

Wrapping It Up

Cybersecurity threats are growing every day. Now is the time to take these threats seriously and put in place changes to protect patient information.

This is true if your practice utilizes a patient portal or processes digital payments. It is recommended to hire a security consultant to lock down your website and encrypt sensitive data. For more information on securing your dentist website, please contact us for help.


Dental Website Design Tips: How To Speed Up Your Site

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Loading speed is an essential part of dental website design. Click here for some tips on how to speed up your site for better user experience and SEO.

Internet behavior researchers have found that while most consumers will leave your website after 3 seconds, each extra seconds is equal to a 7% drop off in sales. A slow website makes your company seem behind the times and less trustworthy in the dental or medical field. Your dental website design needs to look modern and load quickly if you want to keep the customers around.

It can cost you thousands in advertising just to get customers attracted to your site in the first place. If you lose them because of site speed, that’s money essentially thrown in the trash. When customers are seeking dental care they can trust, one of the first things they’ll look at to assess your relationship is your website.

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Most, if not all people know of that famous English idiom…but few actually practice it.

For example, when a person walks into a dental practice, they start to judge as soon as they walk through the door. Is it clean, modern and professional?

Its the same with your website. If its messy, hard to configure and looks old-fashioned, it won’t give a professional modern look. And that might lose you valuable clients.

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