5 Ways Your Dental Practice Can Dominate Local Search

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Do you want to rank better for local search and local SEO? Follow these tips to ensure your dental practice remains at the top of Google.

What happens when you search for dentists in your area? Does your practice pop up in the search results? Is it the first one in the list?

If it’s not, you should have a look at your SEO. 50% of people who do a search with their smartphone visit a business that same day. You’re missing out on customers if you haven’t properly optimized your website.

So how do you dominate your local search results for dentists? Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1. Find the Right Keywords

To know how to optimize your website well, you need to know what to optimize it with. You need to research what search terms people use to find you (or your competitors).

Keywords that incorporate your location and dentistry related terms are a must. You can also use the Google AdWords keyword tool. Plus, your website’s web analytics will tell you what has already worked.

2. Optimize Your Website for Local Search

Once you have a list of strong keywords, it’s time to optimize your website. Make sure those terms show up in the content of your website.

They should show up often, but not too often. Too many of the same words can come across as keyword stuffing. Google and other search engines don’t look favorably on this practice.

3. Keep Mobile Users in Mind

Make sure you optimize your website for mobile use. More and more people are on the go and visit web pages from their smartphones.

If your site is clunky and difficult to use, most people will give up. They’ll move on to a website that’s easier and more convenient to use.

4. Get Your Customers Involved

Search engines love reviews. If people talk about you, it shows that your content is relevant. More people may want to see your stuff so the search engine will bump you up.

Even neutral or negative reviews can help as far as search results go. People are talking about you and that’s the important part. Of course, positive ones are better for those potential customers that read reviews.

5. Claim Your Local Listings

You need to have your business listed in directories such as Yelp and Citysearch.

Plus, be sure that you list yourself in your local directories. You can find those through your city’s Chamber of Commerce or newspaper.

The big one is Google My Business. It’s free to use and offers a huge amount of potential exposure. If you optimize your site well you could even show up in Google’s local 3-pack; that’s when you know you’ve arrived.

Getting Started

Setting up your local search engine optimization doesn’t have to be difficult. But we know that you’re busy running your practice.

Sign up for our free SEO audit for dentists and we’ll tell you how you’re doing. Or take advantage of our free strategy session. We’ll have your SEO where it should be in no time!

Why Your Dentist Office Needs a Google Business Listing

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Why Your Dentist Office Needs a Google Business Listing

Claiming your dentist office on Google My Business can be a big boost for your brand. Here’s why you need to set up a Google business listing.

Looking to boost the visibility of your dental office?

If you’re relying on traffic from Google, setting up a Google Business listing can give your business an edge over the competition!

Read on to learn why your dentist office needs a Google Business listing and the benefits that come with it!

1. Location

Setting up Googe My Business is free and helps patients find the physical location of your office quickly.

Your listing will display the address and location on a map right within the search results.

Google My Business listings are also tied in with Google Maps so that users can easily plug your location into the GPS app on their smartphone.

2. Contact Information

Along with your office address, your Google listing also displays all relevant contact information. This includes your office phone number, email, and fax (if applicable).

Having this information readily available on Google is important. It cuts down on the number of clicks it takes a potential patient to contact you.

With a Google listing, patients won’t have to click through to your website to find out how to reach you.

3. SEO

Google My Business is changing the game for local SEO.

SEO strategy is focused on getting your practice’s website in the top search results when people search for “dentists in my area” or similar keywords.

Google’s algorithm for website ranking favors businesses that have a listing set up.

If setting up Google My Business doesn’t sound appealing yet, the SEO benefits alone should push you to create your listing!

4. Reviews

Once you’re registered with Google My Business, customers can leave reviews on your work by searching for your name.

If you’re looking to attract new patients, great reviews will ensure they come through your door.

Set up your listing and encourage your current patients to leave a quick review.

Your Google My Business profile also allows you to respond to negative reviews to keep up your reputation online.

5. Customer Insights Data

The data that comes with a Google My Business listing is very comprehensive.

You can access analytics on the demographics of your audience, website engagement, and traffic.

This type of data is extremely useful as your marketing evolves over time.

6. Fully Integrated with The Rest of Google

Last but not least, your Google listing dashboard is tied to all the other tools Google offers.

From Gmail and Google Drive to Google Analytics and Adwords, having a centralized listing makes managing your online presence easy.

Get a Google Business Listing for Your Office!

These 6 benefits of having a Google Business listing for your dental office can give a serious boost to your brand online!

Did we miss any features that would be beneficial to your business? Do you think this strategy would attract more customers to your practice? Let us know in the comments!

Not sure how to get your Google Business set up? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


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