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Online Reputation Tips and Tricks to Manage 1-Star Reviews

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Wrestling with negative reviews? Get to know the secret weapons to combating 1-star reviews and improve your online reputation

The advent of business review sites like Yelp makes it more important than ever to focus on good customer service.

Many organizations don’t know the best ways to manage their online reputation and so choose to ignore it.

This is a major mistake.

The damage a bad review can do to client acquisition and retention can be substantial.

Keep reading to find out some online reputation tips you can use to deal with a one-star review.

Respond Deliberately

When you first see a bad review pop up there’s a temptation to immediately write out a response. This can ultimately be a mistake. The best action you can take is to acknowledge their review and let them know you’re looking into it.

Before you refute a customer’s bad experience, talk to everyone involved and find out what happened. It may be something as simple as a misunderstanding or as dire as a poor or improperly trained employee misrepresenting your business.

Once you know what happened you can reach out to the customer publicly and ask them to contact you privately. This shows people reading your reviews that you are actively seeking a solution. It also prevents more negative information from being posted publicly.

If you find out the customer is being unreasonable or is unwilling to talk to you, post a response on your review page detailing what actually happened versus what the customer claims.

Most of your potential consumers will understand that a single bad review doesn’t equal a trend.

Always Make it Right

If you find out that you were at fault, do everything you can to make it right. Once a bad situation has been publicly described your best option is to work fast to appease your customer and show others that you listen and are honest.

Apologize publicly and privately. Offer them a refund or additional free services, whatever seems most appropriate.

Doing this shows your other customers that on the off chance they have a bad experience, you’ll be there to make it right.

Online Reputation Tips: Professional Support

Let’s face it, you got into your field to do business. You probably don’t want to spend a large chunk of your day fielding online complaints. Hiring an effective reputation management firm is a great way to free up your time to actually do the work you love.

A good contractor will provide you with a customized reputation management strategy. They will show you the best places to create your online presence and often handle the day to day management.

This allows you to continue providing your usual excellent service. No longer will you have to trawl review sites every day for disgruntled customers.

Always Stay Calm and Polite

The worst thing you can do when responding to a negative review is to respond with anger or dismissal. The best online reputation tips always recommend that you respond graciously and address their complaint. Even if you are entirely blameless this gives a better overall impression.

For more information about reputation management services or to get a free quote, contact us here.

5 Brand Exposure Techniques For Dentists

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5 Brand Exposure Techniques For Dentists

How can you boost exposure for your brand as a dentist? Follow these techniques to help build brand awareness for your dental practice.

Have you ever noticed how many brands you’re exposed to on a daily basis? Between radio, TV, web, bus, and billboard advertisements, you’re likely seeing up to 5,000 ads per day.

That’s 5,000 different brands competing for your attention.

Now, understand that you’re in the exact same predicament when you’re marketing your dental office. However, with the right techniques, you’ll turn heads and boost traffic.

Here are five great brand exposure tips to get you started.

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Technology

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with technology. This is a key reason why we offer the marketing services that I do.

However, a fear of technology isn’t an excuse for poor brand exposure. In today’s world, dentists need to adapt and adapt quickly.

Embracing digital culture is an absolute must for dental offices. Without the help of search engines, social media, your website, and SMS/email marketing, your office will remain more or less invisible.

2. Word Of Mouth Is Still King

It may shock you, but in today’s splintered world, people still prefer the opinions of their friends and family when it comes to finding a local business.

And if that weren’t surprising enough, this preference extends to online reviews.
Sites like Yelp, Google, Foursquare, and Facebook have all made a killing by letting users sound off on their favorite (or least favorite) businesses.

Encourage patients to talk about your business outside of the office. Ask them to fill out a review online and offer a discount in return.

It’s a great way to get free brand exposure that really works.

3. Focus On Your Area Only

When you’re first learning about the world of brand exposure, it can seem like you have to conquer the world. But in reality, a broad goal may hurt more than it can help.

Focus on your area of practice only.

Not only will this help you reign in your advertising efforts a bit, but your patients mainly see local results anyway.

Google’s search algorithm is tailored to present users with results that match their specific area. So if you’re using local words like “Fairfax, Virginia” in addition to your regular dental SEO, you’ll see better results.

4. Create Content

Speaking of SEO, in addition to your dental expertise, you’ll want to brush up on your writing skills.

Sites with blogs rank better and see a higher level of repeated engagement.

But creating great content for your website doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it sounds. As they say, write what you know. Take an approach that focuses on a patient-first model.

You can include testimonials and success stories, create helpful how-to guides, and answer the most commonly asked questions you hear from patients.

5. Up Your Social Media Game

Make sure your brand is on social media so current and potential clients can reach out, share content, and ask questions.

Many people use Facebook’s search engine to find local businesses anyway, so be sure to include your name, address, and a phone number.

Integrate These Brand Exposure Tips

Brand exposure is something that takes quite a bit of time. But once your brand catches on, it’s likely to spread like wildfire if you incorporate these tips.

Of course, if you want some expert help, I’d be more than happy to assist. Get in touch for a free case study and see how you can massively grow your brand!


4 Ways to Boost Brand Recognition For Dentists

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4 Ways to Boost Brand Recognition For Dentists

Are you looking for new ways to expand brand recognition for your dental practice? Here are some ways you can become more recognizable.

It’s tougher than ever for healthcare professionals to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace, and dental practices are no exception.

In order to stay “top-of-mind” amongst your current and prospective patients, you need to consistently pay attention to the brand recognition of your dental practice and constantly seek ways to improve it.

If you’re interested in boosting your dentist office’s brand recognition, here are a few simple tips to help your community think of you every time they need dental care. Read More

How to Use Online Dentist Reviews to Bring in More Patients

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How to Use Online Dentist Reviews to Bring in More Patients

How to Use Online Dentist Reviews to Bring in Patients

Leveraging online dentist reviews can be key to bringing new patients into your office. Here’s how to get the most out of reviews.

If you’ve spent more than a few months in dentistry, you know how important word of mouth can be when it comes to bringing in new clients.

Yet if you’re relying strictly on word of mouth, you’re missing out on a ton of potential clients.

Online reviews are essentially the modern-day recommendation, with 88 percent of users putting as much stock into an online review as a personal recommendation.

Read on to learn how your office can generate more dentist reviews and turn those reviews into leads.

Increase Your Web Presence

Creating a website for your office is great, but it isn’t enough. It’s a starting point, but it’d be like buying a mansion and only using the foyer. There are so many other avenues to use and explore!

It’s time to branch out and increase your web presence.

Start by creating or updating social media channels. Facebook seems to be the most popular, with Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram trailing behind.

Of course, there are great sites like Yelp and My Business that specialize in user reviews for local businesses, so those need to be a priority.

If generating reviews isn’t enough of an incentive, increasing your web presence is great for SEO, as well.

Encourage Detailed Dentist Reviews

Not all reviews are as helpful as others.

Imagine you’re searching for a new physician and all you see are reviews rating the doctor on a scale of one to five.

That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for detail. Why was the experience pleasant or unpleasant? How could the situation have been improved?

When it comes to reviews, details matter. Encourage your patients to fill out longer reviews that get into the reasons why they love your practice.

The more detailed a review is, the more informed a future patient will feel as they read it.

Respond To Criticism

No one really likes criticism, but it can be helpful in some instances. That goes double for online dentist reviews.

It’s likely that, eventually, your practice will receive a middling to negative review. How you respond to that review greatly influences the direction of your business.

It’s natural to feel hurt or upset, especially if the patient isn’t telling the full story.
Yet it’s important that you take the high road.

You should respond, and as soon as possible at that. Address the patient’s specific concerns and criticisms to show you’re listening and ask how you can make good on their negative experience.

Not only do you have a chance to win the customer back, but future patients will see that you value your clients enough to hear them out.

Want To Bring In More Patients?

If you’re looking to bring in new patients, dentist reviews are a great way to advertise your business with minimal effort on your part. In short, you’re letting your customers do the advertising for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of online reviews, be sure to check out our blog.

And if you’re ready to make the most of your digital marketing, get in touch today.

Aside from a free SEO audit, you’ll get a case study with a detailed analysis of how Pat Hanley Consulting can help you grow your business.

Top 5 Business Review Sites Your Dental Office Needs to Be On

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Top 5 Business Review Sites Your Dental Office Needs to Be On

Business Review Sites Your Dental Office Needs to Be On

Your presence on business review sites could help more people find you and grow your brand. Here are the top sites your dentist office needs to be on.

Is your dental office having a hard time drumming up new business? Maybe you’ve got marketing strategies in place, but they’re just not making the grade?

Have you checked out your business profile on top review sites? Maybe it’s time to.

If you’re not listed on these top 5 business review sites, you could be missing out on new clients who consult them religiously. Keep reading to find out what they are, and how they can benefit your business.

Google Reviews

Google is one of the most essential business review sites to be on. Not only will it increase your business’ visibility to everyday consumers, but it’ll up your local SEO rankings, too.

Local SEO is really important for dental offices. When a potential customer needs a new dentist, the first place they go is Google. They’ll likely search for “dentist in my area” or something similar.

The very first place they’ll be lead to is a list of local dentist offices. Upon clicking one, your Google reviews will pop right up.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List users have to pay a monthly fee in order to write and access reviews on the site. It’s becoming more and more frequently used among business review sites as subscription services become more popular. We can thank Spotify Premium, Netflix, and Amazon Prime for that!

Your dental office can sign up for the service. As a member, you can fill out information about your services, communicate with members, and respond to both positive and negative reviews.

In a way, it also acts as a communication hub for businesses and consumers. If you’re not a member, you’re missing out on exclusive opportunities for new clients.


Foursquare might not seem like the other typical business review sites, but in reality, it’s right up there with them. Once a client has checked into your dental office location, they can leave tips (or, reviews) and ratings for other users to check out.

The casual interface makes some clients more likely to leave a review since it’s as simple as logging in on their phone.

In addition to the tips feature, you can also offer special promotions through the app. For instance, you might offer 10% off your clients’ next dental cleaning if they check in and leave a review. That’s one way to be sure they leave one!

The app also offers businesses analytics data, the ability to respond to reviews, and the opportunity to add your own tips.


Yelp has become so popular among users that it practically alters business trends. Power to the people.

You’re doing your business a disservice if you’re not on Yelp. In fact, 82% of Yelp users reported that they log onto the site prepared to spend money.

That means they’re not casually surfing the web anymore. They’re already done their research and are ready to choose a new dentist right now. Are you up there among your competition?

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a non-profit that works to improve bonds of trust in marketplaces. It features a huge database of all sorts of businesses, from dentists to restaurants to auto repair shops.

They get their data from public sources. That includes public complaints reported to them directly and pulled from other sources. They’ll assign you a letter grade rating that’s based on how you interact with your clients.

The BBB is a super trusted name in the world of business, so it’s important that you show up and make the grade. It helps that, as a business, you can respond to user reviews on the site.

When other potential clients see you making an effort to resolve complaints, that forms a bond of trust between your client base and you. They want to know that you have their back.

Are You on These Business Review Sites?

Now that you’ve got the skinny on the best review sites out there, it’s time to make your move to get listed and get out there

Get in touch for a free strategy session concerning your marketing tactics!

Why Your Dentist Office Needs a Google Business Listing

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Why Your Dentist Office Needs a Google Business Listing

Claiming your dentist office on Google My Business can be a big boost for your brand. Here’s why you need to set up a Google business listing.

Looking to boost the visibility of your dental office?

If you’re relying on traffic from Google, setting up a Google Business listing can give your business an edge over the competition!

Read on to learn why your dentist office needs a Google Business listing and the benefits that come with it!

1. Location

Setting up Googe My Business is free and helps patients find the physical location of your office quickly.

Your listing will display the address and location on a map right within the search results.

Google My Business listings are also tied in with Google Maps so that users can easily plug your location into the GPS app on their smartphone.

2. Contact Information

Along with your office address, your Google listing also displays all relevant contact information. This includes your office phone number, email, and fax (if applicable).

Having this information readily available on Google is important. It cuts down on the number of clicks it takes a potential patient to contact you.

With a Google listing, patients won’t have to click through to your website to find out how to reach you.

3. SEO

Google My Business is changing the game for local SEO.

SEO strategy is focused on getting your practice’s website in the top search results when people search for “dentists in my area” or similar keywords.

Google’s algorithm for website ranking favors businesses that have a listing set up.

If setting up Google My Business doesn’t sound appealing yet, the SEO benefits alone should push you to create your listing!

4. Reviews

Once you’re registered with Google My Business, customers can leave reviews on your work by searching for your name.

If you’re looking to attract new patients, great reviews will ensure they come through your door.

Set up your listing and encourage your current patients to leave a quick review.

Your Google My Business profile also allows you to respond to negative reviews to keep up your reputation online.

5. Customer Insights Data

The data that comes with a Google My Business listing is very comprehensive.

You can access analytics on the demographics of your audience, website engagement, and traffic.

This type of data is extremely useful as your marketing evolves over time.

6. Fully Integrated with The Rest of Google

Last but not least, your Google listing dashboard is tied to all the other tools Google offers.

From Gmail and Google Drive to Google Analytics and Adwords, having a centralized listing makes managing your online presence easy.

Get a Google Business Listing for Your Office!

These 6 benefits of having a Google Business listing for your dental office can give a serious boost to your brand online!

Did we miss any features that would be beneficial to your business? Do you think this strategy would attract more customers to your practice? Let us know in the comments!

Not sure how to get your Google Business set up? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!