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4 Dazzling Dental PPC Strategies to Use in 2018

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Are your PPC campaigns performing to your high standards? Refresh your digital marketing with these dental PPC strategies that will dazzle!

With small businesses set to spend an average of $75,000 on digital marketing this year, it’s essential you find ways to spend that money wisely. Most dental service providers won’t be able to cover that kind of payment without seeing serious returns. You need your dental PPC strategies to hit a home run every time.

Follow these 4 tips to target your audience the right way.

1. Mobile Matters

Given that mobile internet browsing has definitively surpassed desktop traffic, you need to take mobile seriously if you’re not. Mobile ad space is going to become much more valuable than desktop space in the coming years.

Space limitations are the biggest issue for companies generating mobile ads. You need to ensure you take a minimalist group to your ad space usage.

You can target your audience based on their mobile device type, their location or their previous searches. Take advantage of the data that mobile can offer you to ensure that your ads hit the clients close to your dental office, on target, every time.

2. Use Competition to Your Advantage

If you set up your ads the right way, you can end up in your competitors’ face when customers search for their products. If you’re a niche tissue manufacturer, looking to get your name out there, you should use terms like “Kleenex” in the keywords that you choose. This way you can be sure that the clients who you should be targeting aren’t being left behind.

You probably offer a superior product to your competitors, but they might have the advantage of being around longer or having more money to start with. That position can be turned against them when you target your clients the way they target theirs.

3. Use Gmail Promotions

Gmail sponsored promotions are a great way to get clicks on your ads. Gmail ads are high-quality because they’re based on terms that your audience is already using in their emails.

You can target the people who have the highest interest in your products because you know the terms you use are on their mind.

You won’t have to deal with competition and you’ll have an audience arrested and at attention.

4. Write Great Copy

Most ad copy isn’t as strong as it could be. While search intent might be taken care of, but after that, you need to ensure that what people see on the front end is actually exciting.

You can use great SEO for your dental ads but if no one wants to click them, all that effort to get them in front of clients will be wasted.

Your Dental PPC Strategies Have to Give You Results

Because you’re paying for every click you get, your dental PPC strategies need to result in quality clicks. Follow our guide and you’ll be sure to turn every click into a sale. As long as you give your patients reliable service, they’ll come back to you again and again.

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The Complete Guide to Google AdWords for Dental Practices

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Make the most of your marketing budget by placing ads where your patients are: Google. Click to read our complete guide to using Google Adwords for dental practice success.

If you own a dental practice, AdWords can be a great way to generate patient inquiries. But if you’re new to online marketing, you likely have no idea how AdWords works. You might not even know what AdWords is.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to experience results with the AdWords platform.

In fact, if you keep reading, you’ll learn what it takes to drive patient inquiries using AdWords. You’ll also learn some of the common mistakes people make when using Google AdWords for dental practices.

Let’s begin!

How Does AdWords Work?

AdWords is an ad platform owned by Google. It allows you to advertise to people when they are using the Google search engine.

With AdWords, you can pick certain keywords that will trigger your ads. When people type these phrases in, your ads are visible in the search listings. This can provide near instant results from your marketing, that you would not experience with methods like SEO.

The amount a click is going to cost you will depend on how many other competitors are targeting your chosen search term. The platform uses a bidding mechanism. The people willing to pay the most will have their ad shown.

Driving Results with Adwords

Succeeding with AdWords comes down to targeting the right search terms. If you do not target the right search terms, your ads are going to be in front of people who do not care for them. Such people will ignore your ads or they’ll only click out of curiosity. As you might’ve guessed, both scenarios are bad.

Luckily, AdWords provides a tool that can help you pick the right keywords. This tool is the Google Keyword Planner. If you provide this tool with a basic, relevant keyword, it will return a list of keywords worth targeting.

For something like a dental practice, consider typing in the word ‘dentist’ alongside your location. An example might be ‘dentist Roseville.’ You’ll generally find the more specific your keyword is, the better your results will be. Because of this, it can be a good idea to include your location.

With AdWords, you will find that the keywords with the highest cost per click price, are the best at producing customers. If this was not the case, your competitors would not be willing to bid so highly.

Watch Your Results

AdWords is not something you can ‘set and forget.’ You need to closely watch your campaigns if you want to avoid wasting money.

Check in your campaigns every day. Identify the keywords that are driving results and the ones that are not. If a keyword is costing you money but is not producing results, cut it out of your campaign.

If you find that it takes too much time to do all this, you can hire a specialist firm to manage your AdWords campaigns for you.

Ready to Start Using Google AdWords for Dental Practices?

AdWords is an amazing way to generate patient inquiries. But if you have never used the platform before, you need to be careful. It is very easy to lose a lot of money in a short period of time if you’re using Google Adwords for dental practices.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at some of the ways you can ensure success and cap your downside. Make sure you target the right keywords. You also need to closely watch your results.

If you struggle to manage your campaigns, don’t discard AdWords as a way to generate patient inquiries. There is always the option of hiring an AdWords marketing agency.

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