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4 Google Business Page Optimization Tips for Dentists

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4 Google Business Page Optimization Tips for Dentists

4 Google Business Page Optimization Tips for Dentists

After claiming your Google business page, it’s time to optimize it for the best benefits. Click here to learn how to properly set up your page.

Did you know that 56 percent of local businesses have not claimed their Google My Business page? Formerly Google Places, Google My Business is necessary for businesses who want to make their mark on the map–literally!

Once you’ve claimed your Google business page, make the most of its features with these handy optimization tips!

1. Build Positive Reviews

Great reviews are essential for a successful business, especially in the healthcare industry.

92 percent of consumers read online reviews, compared to 88 percent in 2014. In just a few short years, reviews have become a trusted source of a businesses practices.

Online reviews pack a serious punch. In fact, a huge majority percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as their friends and families recommendation.

Encourage your clients to review and share their experience on Google. Send follow-up emails after a service with a convenient link that takes them straight to your Google My Business page.

2. Keep Information Up-To-Date

Your Google business page should always have correct information. No one wants to call during supposed work hours to find that your office is gone for the day.

Remember to update your hours during the holidays, in the event of an emergency, or if you simply decide to open a little earlier or close a little later.

Google My Business becomes more intuitive every year. If you check your business page often, you’ll begin noticing prompted questions and reminders of upcoming holidays.

3. Post Frequently

Google My Business allows users to post similarly to Google+ but with an added bonus. Posts are now featured under your listing and can act as mini advertisements.

To see what we’re talking about, quickly Google “Google”. On the left-hand side of the page you’ll snippets of information such as their location, CEO, Founders, etc. Below all that fun stuff you’ll see a small post and right toggle so you can scroll through their past content.

These posts are an incredible opportunity to highlight a dentistry special, service, or just have a little fun!

Post regularly so posts stay up-to-date and remember to always include a link to your website.

4. Pay Attention to the Q&A

Last year, Google added an additional feature to Google My Business. Google now gives users the opportunity to ask a question about a business such as, “Do they offer teeth whitening services?” and another user, or the business itself, can give them the correct answer.

While other Google users can answer, it would be better for the answer to come from the business. Stay up to date with the questions and answer them quickly and accurately.

Beyond Your Google Business Page

Making the most of your business’s digital footprint by using every tool at your disposal.

Today, it’s not enough to simply have a website. Your website should be mobile responsive, content should be creative and crafted with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, and your online reputation should be monitored carefully.

Need help getting started? Sign up for your free SEO audit from Pat Hanley Consulting today!

Why Your Dentist Office Needs a Google Business Listing

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Why Your Dentist Office Needs a Google Business Listing

Claiming your dentist office on Google My Business can be a big boost for your brand. Here’s why you need to set up a Google business listing.

Looking to boost the visibility of your dental office?

If you’re relying on traffic from Google, setting up a Google Business listing can give your business an edge over the competition!

Read on to learn why your dentist office needs a Google Business listing and the benefits that come with it!

1. Location

Setting up Googe My Business is free and helps patients find the physical location of your office quickly.

Your listing will display the address and location on a map right within the search results.

Google My Business listings are also tied in with Google Maps so that users can easily plug your location into the GPS app on their smartphone.

2. Contact Information

Along with your office address, your Google listing also displays all relevant contact information. This includes your office phone number, email, and fax (if applicable).

Having this information readily available on Google is important. It cuts down on the number of clicks it takes a potential patient to contact you.

With a Google listing, patients won’t have to click through to your website to find out how to reach you.

3. SEO

Google My Business is changing the game for local SEO.

SEO strategy is focused on getting your practice’s website in the top search results when people search for “dentists in my area” or similar keywords.

Google’s algorithm for website ranking favors businesses that have a listing set up.

If setting up Google My Business doesn’t sound appealing yet, the SEO benefits alone should push you to create your listing!

4. Reviews

Once you’re registered with Google My Business, customers can leave reviews on your work by searching for your name.

If you’re looking to attract new patients, great reviews will ensure they come through your door.

Set up your listing and encourage your current patients to leave a quick review.

Your Google My Business profile also allows you to respond to negative reviews to keep up your reputation online.

5. Customer Insights Data

The data that comes with a Google My Business listing is very comprehensive.

You can access analytics on the demographics of your audience, website engagement, and traffic.

This type of data is extremely useful as your marketing evolves over time.

6. Fully Integrated with The Rest of Google

Last but not least, your Google listing dashboard is tied to all the other tools Google offers.

From Gmail and Google Drive to Google Analytics and Adwords, having a centralized listing makes managing your online presence easy.

Get a Google Business Listing for Your Office!

These 6 benefits of having a Google Business listing for your dental office can give a serious boost to your brand online!

Did we miss any features that would be beneficial to your business? Do you think this strategy would attract more customers to your practice? Let us know in the comments!

Not sure how to get your Google Business set up? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


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