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Why Content is Key for Dental Internet Marketing

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Why Content is Key for Dental Internet Marketing

When it comes to dental internet marketing, creating content could be your biggest tool. Click here to learn why.

As a marketing strategy, content marketing is on the rise as one of the most important elements of a marketing campaign. Why? What is it about content marketing that makes people tick?

In a word, authenticity. Consumers are wising up to marketing schemes, and don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. Content marketing sells your service organically.

As a brick and mortar dental office, you need to be engaged in dental internet marketing strategies to bring in new clients. In 2018, that’s just a fact.

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How to Get New Clients at Your Dental Office in 5 Easy Steps

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How to Get New Clients at Your Dental Office

Are you trying to find new ways to get clients to come to your dental office? Here are some essential tips on how to get new clients quickly.

Are you looking to find out how to get new clients in your dental office?

You might feel that you’ve exhausted every marketing avenue.

You’ve placed Ads in the local newspaper. You’ve encouraged your happy patients to tell friends and family about your surgery. You might have even started a promotional offer of discounted dental care for new clients.

But you’ve reached the end of the road when it comes to how to get new clients.

You’re in luck! Because with these 5 easy steps to digital marketing, you’ll have new clients flocking to your dental office in no time at all. Keep reading to find out more. Read More

Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Local Marketing Agency

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Did you know that the vast majority of patients visiting your dental practice are within a 10-mile radius of your office?

Think about that for a moment. How many people are there within a 10-mile radius of your office? More importantly, how many of those people aren’t you reaching?

The simple truth is that most dental practices don’t take advantage of all the marketing opportunities they have before them. In turn, this ends up costing money in lost profits and potential patients.

But your dental practice can be different. Set yourself apart by hiring the services of a local marketing agency.

Not sure about the benefits? Here are just a few reasons you should talk to a local agency ASAP. Read More

How to Get Dental Patients to Schedule Treatment Before End of the Year

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As a person who runs or owns a dental practice, you know how important it is to communicate to patients on using their annual insurance benefits before they expire on December 31st.

What patients usually don’t realize, is that they’re basically throwing away money by not using the insurance benefits that they’ve paid for in the current calendar year.

How can you take a patient who is slightly uncommitted and convert them into one who is scheduling procedures before New Year’s Eve? Read More