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5 Ways Dentists Can Optimize their Google My Business Listing

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Are you being found online? Optimize your Google My Business listing and improve your local reach, provide up to date information, and manage your online reputation

SEO can be competitive and costly. When you’re focusing on improving your local reach, though, you have one great benefit: much less competition than larger national or international brands.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be found by everyone on the internet. If your primary goal is to serve customers who are local to you, you only need those customers to be able to find you.

When people are searching locally, the first results they will see are the top three businesses near them. How do you get to the top, you ask? By optimizing your Google My Business listing!

In this post, we’ll provide 5 easy ways you can do exactly that, so you’ll get to the top in no time at all.

1. Create Your Google My Business Listing

Step one to optimizing your Google My Business listing is, well, creating it! And guess what: it’s completely free to do.

Head over to the Google My Business page, click on the green “Start Now” button and either add or claim your listing. Fill out all of the relevant fields on the form – including your business’ name, address, phone number, description, and more.

To improve your Google ranking, ensure that each of the fields is accurate and complete. The more information you can provide, the better.

2. Pick a Specific Category

The more specific the category you choose is, the more your business will benefit. Why? There’s less competition, so your chances of landing in the Google local business 3-pack will only increase.

3. Incorporate High-Quality Images

Images are important. And not just for your Google My Business for dentists listing, but for any business listed on Google. In short, they give potential customers an idea of what they can expect when visiting your location.

Be sure to use high-quality, high-resolution images to make your business look its best.

4. Use a Local Phone Number

This way, Google will know that your business is, in fact, local. You’ll also want to ensure that this same phone number appears on the landing page of the website you link to in your Google My Business listing.

5. Inspire Customers to Leave Reviews

Look at any high-ranking business listing on Google, and you’ll more than likely notice a high star rating beside it. The reason for this is two-fold: Reviews provide information that Google wants, and customers benefit from easily finding the best businesses.

Inspire your happy customers to leave positive reviews, and you will likely see an increase in your local rank as a result. You can inspire customers to leave reviews by providing them with an incentive, such as a coupon, for example.

How We Can Help

Your Google My Business page is just the beginning of increasing your local Google rank. Follow these tips, and you’ll find yourself getting closer to the top with ease.

If you’re looking for even more helpful tips like the benefits of customer feedback for dentists, check out the rest of our blog for these tips…and so much more.

5 Ways Dentist’s Can Improve Their Brand Awareness Strategy

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5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Awareness Strategy

Is your brand awareness strategy not working well enough for you? Here’s how dentists can improve their brand awareness strategy with ease.

It takes 5 to 7 impressions before people will remember a brand.

This makes a solid brand awareness strategy all important for ensuring potential customers recognize and remember your business.

But what makes for a good brand awareness strategy, and how can dentists improve theirs?

Here are 5 ways you can improve your brand awareness.

What Is Brand Awareness?

When you cut yourself, odds are you’ll look for a Band-Aid. Except Band-Aid is the brand name, rather than the item.

When a brand becomes synonymous with a product, it’s called a proprietary eponym. It’s the ideal end goal of every brand awareness strategy.

Brand awareness is the measure of familiarity your brand has in the minds of your target audience. As a metric, it goes hand in hand with brand loyalty, consumer trust, and spending intent.

Here are some ways dentists can improve their brand awareness:

Referral Programs

Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing. Referral programs are essentially rewarding existing customers for leveraging their word of mouth.

Referral programs are an excellent strategy for brand awareness because people who see your brand are doing so through a trusted source. Not only does it boost awareness it also boosts your brand’s reputation by association.

Influencer Marketing

Another way to leverage trust is influencer marketing. Industry influencers are people who have an inbuilt following. They’re also often an authority in their industry.

Influencer marketing is essentially borrowing an influencer’s credibility and reach to promote your own brand. To find influencers, look for people with platforms in your industry. The key is to find a brand that complements, rather than competes with your own.

Local Partnerships

Local partnerships can be as little as swapping business cards to as large as heading a seminar event. The key is to leverage other business’ visibility to boost your own brand.

Getting involved in community sponsorship and events is one way to leverage a local partnership. Charity donations, sports promotions, and festival sponsorships are great ways to get your logo on signage and promo material.

Local partnership is also a great way to draw customers to your business directly. Offering the customers of other local business’ discount services, for instance, is an excellent way to get people through the door.


Free stuff is always a winner. Giving away branded merchandise is a great way to get your logo into social circulation.

Pens and other stationary items never go astray. You can also consider some dental specific items. Free toothbrushes, floss, or sugar-free gum are great ways to get people familiar with your brand and associating it with their dental health.

Social Media Marketing

Brand awareness is just one of the many benefits to be had from an effective social media marketing strategy. There are 2.46 billion people using social media worldwide which is a massive potential reach if you market well.

Raising your brand awareness through social media requires posting relevant content regularly. And don’t be afraid to target only specific platforms. You’re better off only running a Facebook page and doing so well.

A Solid Brand Awareness Strategy Is Essential

A great brand awareness strategy can expand your audience exponentially. These 5 tips will ensure your brand is in front of people’s eyes and actively driving sales.

Looking to sure up your local marketing strategy? Check out these 5 ways your dental practice can dominate local search.

The Benefits of Customer Feedback For Dentists

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The Benefits of Customer Feedback For Dentists

Customer feedback and online reviews can do wonders for your company’s online reputation. Here’s why you need to encourage your clients to do it.

Customer feedback is a critical piece of a dental practice’s marketing strategy, but too few understand its full impact.

You’ve probably heard somewhere in your dental career that getting feedback is a good idea. You’ve likely seen other practices or businesses doing the same.

But are you fully aware of what your patient feedback can do for your practice?

Here are four key benefits of customer feedback you might not have considered:

Customer Feedback Can Build Your Online Reputation

Patient feedback is no longer an internal-only tool that gives you insight into the customer experience.

Rather, social media and Google My Business have transformed feedback into a fully visible database. Others are now able to gauge your business’s reputation online prior to stepping foot into your office.

This factor alone makes it crucial to maintain patient satisfaction. You can encourage your patients to leave you a review on Google or social media to build a positive reputation.

It Helps Improve Your Services

No matter how you collect feedback, you should use your customer responses to improve your services.

You might think your wait times are reasonable. You might try to hire the friendliest staff. You might believe you have the right processes and procedures in place.

But remember: you’re looking at your practice through very different eyes than your patients. Getting their feedback helps you view your services from another perspective.

Every dental practice has areas it can improve. The key is to never stop looking for them.

Once you find a weak spot, let your customers know how you’ve made improvements to serve them better.

It Can Boost Customer Retention

Have you ever wondered why some patients don’t return to your practice?

It could be for a number of reasons, but if they leave because they’re not satisfied with your services, you’d want to know about it.

Customer feedback allows you to reach out to patients directly about potential issues. How you respond to a problem can help you turn a bad experience into a positive one.

Using feedback can keep your customers happy – and prevent them from going to your nearest competitor.

Feedback Shows You Care About the Customer Experience

Feedback is the only way for you to gauge how your customers feel about your services.

But more importantly, it shows you care enough to understand how they feel.

Even though most businesses understand the importance of feedback, not all of them ask for it.

One study shows that 70% of a customer’s experience is based on how they feel they are treated. Asking for feedback shows them you’re actively wanting to create the best experience possible.

How to Get the Most Impact from Feedback

Unfortunately, feedback doesn’t always happen on its own. Oftentimes you have to proactively collect feedback if you want to hear their opinions.

There are right and wrong ways to about collecting feedback. In addition, you also need an actionable plan to use your customers’ responses.

Talk to us today to learn how you can implement an effective customer feedback strategy in your dental practice.

3 Marketing Techniques Your Dental Practice May Be Doing Wrong

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3 Marketing Techniques You May Be Doing Wrong

Does it seem like your current marketing techniques aren’t helping your dental practice? Here’s what you might be doing wrong (and how to fix it).

With the average digital marketing strategy now costing around $75,000 a year, you need to be taking constant measurements of your efforts.

Spending money on marketing is supposed to be like investing or planting a seed. The marketing techniques you engage in to promote your dental practice in at the beginning should multiply later on.

Marketing requires a complementary strategy of capturing and assessing your analytics. Gathering data is useless if you don’t know what to do with it. Make sure you’ve got someone on staff can track how your marketing efforts are performing.

If you’re still wondering whether or not your marketing techniques are paying off, there are some obvious strategic missteps you should avoid. Here are three strategies that you could be doing wrong when promoting your dental practice.

1. You’ve Relied Too Heavily on Word of Mouth

If you’ve just launched a business, you’re exhausted by the time you get to Day One.

Like most people, you’ve heard friends and family say positive things about your efforts. You assume they’ll be supportive and interested. Even just posting on Facebook should work, right?

Unfortunately, with millions of businesses launched every year, there’s a lot of competition for everyone’s attention. Just because you’ve worked hard to create something you’re proud of doesn’t mean that people will give you the response you’re looking for.

You need to not just assume that people will come to you. It takes work and incentive to get attention.

2. Spray and Pray

This is one technique that’s as old as marketing itself. The approach is to shotgun-spray your potential market and wait for the returns to come in.

Unfortunately, every product has a target market. Even if you eventually want your product to be used by “everyone,” you need to build a strong core as a foundation for your brand.

List the characteristics of the ideal customer. It shouldn’t necessarily be someone like you. Find ways to market your products that target them very directly.

From there, you can build a strong customer base.

3. Too Much Paid Traffic

While getting viewers to your website is important, paying for a bunch of traffic might not translate into sales. Many companies that offer traffic for pay get bots, overseas customers, or random repeats to visit your site.

If they’re not able to target your precise customer base, that traffic won’t be useful to you. While Facebook can target your customers a little better than the average site, they still have a very low hit rate.

You can pay for a Google business listing, but it might be just as effective as a free posting.

Marketing Techniques Need to Be Organic

Your traffic, engagement, and emails need to all have the characteristic being organic and sincere.

Spraying your audience in a broad and haphazard way won’t bring in the traffic you’re looking for. You need to target your most local potential patients in order to succeed.

If you want your dental practice to dominate local search results, follow our guide to get the job done.


Is Your Dental Practice on an Online Business Directory?

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The Importance Using an Online Business Directory

An online business directory can do wonders for your business. See how dentists benefit from using them and why you should too.

The number of dental offices and practices continue to rise in the United States.

If you own one of these practices, you may be finding it difficult to stand out from your competitors.

Visibility is key for you to have a successful business. One step towards improving your visibility is making your business information easy to find through a directory.

Ready to let tons more potential customers find your business? Keep reading to find out six of the top reasons using an online business directory is so important!

1. Easy Starting Point

Most businesses are aware of how important SEO ranking is, but few capitalize on the practice. For newer businesses that are wary of jumping into online marketing, a directory is a good way to test the waters.

Submitting your information to an online directory is easy, as an easy to follow process will be in place. Most directories will also have support available if you run into issues.

2. Cost Effective

Businesses now spend more on digital advertising than television and other mediums. This makes a lot a sense because you can do a lot more for a lot less in the digital space.

Full digital marketing services can sometimes be too expensive for smaller businesses. Using an online business directory is one way to get some of the benefits of a full marketing campaign for a much lower cost.

3. Target Local Customers

Online directories have information for the entire nation, but they also filter down results based on state and cities. This can help you target and connect with people who live near and around your business.

This type of local targeting can be very beneficial for dental offices because people often want convenient locations for medical appointments.

Check out these other helpful tips for doing well with local SEO.

4. Accessibility

Customers expect information about businesses to be readily available when they do an online search. By ensuring your information is present and correct in online business directories, you will meet their expectation.

5. Business Reputation

Online negative reviews sometimes make businesses shy away from having a large online presence. This is a bad tactic, however, because it also means they can’t receive positive reviews.

Positives reviews are crucial, as many customers seek this information in deciding to visit a business or not. Having plenty of reviews, good and bad, makes your business seem genuine.

Responding any negative reviews and offering potential solutions mitigates some damage from poor reviews.

6. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Business directories get a lot of traffic and having your information on there means you get to share in that traffic.

With high amounts of traffic, you are more likely to rank higher on Google. This ultimately will help more and more people find your business online.

Online Business Directory Benefits for All

It should be evident that using online directories for your business is an absolute must. No matter how long you’ve been in business, there are benefits to gain.

Still got questions? Feel free to ask in the comments!