Are You Blue from Back to School?

By August 27, 2017Digital Marketing

The summer rush is over. Most of your patients with families or young children all seem to be caught up on their preventive care appointments…except for those few remaining cases that didn’t get in before school started. Or maybe at their checkup the week before classes started back, you diagnosed decay and there wasn’t time to get them back in before the first day of school.

Regardless, most offices start to see a lull around this time of year when parents and kids are busy with the back-and-forth of academic or extracurricular commitments.

Here are a few ways to get things going again:

Offer New Patient Specials

One of the best ways to bring in new patients is to offer incentives. Consider monthly specials, such as free teeth whitening with each new patient exam and cleaning. Or just reduce the cost of specific services and advertise them as such, such as $799 dental veneers with 0% interest financing for 12 months.

Revamp Your Social Media Accounts

It’s easy to be excited about your dental marketing and social media accounts at the beginning of the year, but after vacation most dental pages seem to fizzle out. Remember to encourage your patients to “check in” on Facebook for giveaways, prizes, drawings, etc. These online social media updates are like word-of-mouth referrals for all of your patients’ friends that follow them online. You can’t afford not to offer an incentive.

Do the same thing for patient reviews. Have an iPad or Wi-Fi on hand so that patients can leave a Yelp! or Google review while they’re still in the chair, and send them home with a free gift as a thank-you.

Check the School Calendars

Maybe there are families or district employees that you know you’ll never see until it’s a school holiday. Check with your area school district to find out the dates of teacher work days, in-service days, or other student holidays. That way you can plan ahead to work specific people in, instead of finding out that it’s an “off” day the week before.

Plan for the Holidays…Now

It happens every year. As soon as the holidays come around, everyone needs to schedule an appointment. But you’ve got 2-3 months before that happens. Coach your patients now. If they’re checking out but are waffling on the idea of scheduling that filling, let them know that they have a better chance of picking the date they want if they do it before all of the kids are back out of school. After all, that’s when everyone wants in before their benefits run out!

Consider a Few Extended Hours

Without changing your normal business hours, consider taking a few weekdays or Saturdays to open early or stay open late. Call your patients that have tight schedules to let them know they have first pick at these one-time openings. Be sure to emphasize that earlier treatment is important in order to avoid more complex issues later on.

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