7 Essential Things that You Need To Keep Patients

By December 26, 2017Dentistry
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Owning a dental practice is no easy task. It’s easy to become so caught up in the day-to-day operations that you forget about the other vital element of a successful dental practice: an exceptional patient experience. Keep reading for some tips on 7 essential things in order for happy patients.

Below are 7 essential things to keep patients loyal and completely satisfied.

1. Be hands-on
Patients come to you to be treated by you. So, make sure you spend enough time with the patients and listen to their needs.

Learn how to make small talk. Ask about patients’ kids and family. Remember the details of your conversations, it shows them that they are important to you and goes a long way.

DentistryiQ suggests to “keep a memo pad handy to record the highlights of these conversations while they’re fresh in your memory, right after patients leave. When patients come in again, check your notes before they walk through the door so you can ask, for example, how a sick relative is doing.”

2. Communication
Ensure crystal-clear communication between the patient and your office. Let them know well in advance about their appointment timings and keep them informed of any unexpected changes.

Respect your patients time. Keep your charges transparent and anytime an additional procedure is needed, let your patient know and document it.

Communicate the treatment plan to them in an easy to understand format and if you are delegating the job to someone else, explain to the patient why you are delegating it to another doctor/employee. Assure them that they can approach you anytime to clarify anything. Be firm, yet gentle.

3. Professionalism
Your office should look professional, hygienic and organized. Staff should be trained to handle patients tactfully and politely.

The ambiance should give a positive vibe with a decent waiting area. Some magazines and stuffed toys can be kept to keep adults and kids engaged as they wait.

All doctors should treat the patient with empathy and tell the patient what to expect during and after the treatment.

4. Charges and convenient payment options
Charge what you think is a fair price for various procedures and stick to your prices. Consistency is important and any revision in prices should be communicated on a timely basis. People do not mind paying for top-quality work.

Apart from tie-ups with insurance providers, it makes business sense to provide flexible payment options to customers for certain procedures that might be very expensive or need multiple visits over a year or two. Businesses offering options for cashless payments also is what most people look for.

5. Modern clinic management software
In this age of data security concerns, people are finicky about their personally identifiable data being on unsecured systems. So, use of software and systems that are secure, encrypted and up-to-date is mandatory.

6. Social media and Community presence
There are multiple channels through which you can touch the customer. Email marketing, social media campaigns, newsletters etc. Keeping your customers actively engaged keeps them in the loop about latest procedures available at your office and allows them to ask questions/participate.

Creating a community presence by conducting camps during community meetings or events also makes people think of your office as the go-to place for their needs. People start considering you to be a part of their community when they watch you serving them publicly.

7. Patient referrals
Finally, nothing works like some old style word-of-mouth publicity. More than anything else, people will come to you if a friend or family member recommends your services. Always thank your patients for any referrals and once in a while offer them something additional at no cost for their trust.

These are some essential things and the rest depends on the rapport and standing you create in your community through your commitment to high-quality care and standards.

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