7 Common SEO Mistakes Dentists Make

By October 16, 2017Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be tricky these days. How do you dominate Google with your dental clinic blog or website? There are tons of advice out there but some are inaccurate. Here we highlight 7 of those common mistakes you might be making.

1) Not choosing your keywords correctly

The first step is to select the keywords that you want to optimize for, but choose carefully! You want to choose keywords that people are searching for but also have low competition. Getting your video to the #1 spot on Google for a keyword like “dentist“ just isn’t going to happen. These “short-tail keywords“ are a waste of time to try to rank for – your prospects aren’t qualified, and the competition is insane. The opposite of this, “long-tail keywords,“ are phrases like “dental implants new Albany Indiana“ where the prospect searching has dramatically narrowed the scope of what they are searching for.

2) Not optimising your video

Some content you create is in video form. Create the script for your video based on your selected long-tail keywords. Be sure to include lots of great information about your topic! You can have the best-optimized video in the world, but if the video is garbage, then no one is going to watch it. Be sure to use your long-tail keyword at the beginning, middle, and end of the video script. Upload your video to YouTube and be sure to optimize your video before the upload completes. This will have you off to the races fast!

3) Not paying attention to your search engine results ranking

For example, if you are a dentist offering smile makeovers and you want to compete with someone in a neighboring the town; we will show you how local SEO terminology should be used to optimize your videos. We will then determine, which of the keywords are the most logical regarding the results they’ll generate for dental practices and the videos made to support them. Next, we will consider videos and how the search engines weigh them in regards to their keywords. We are going to dedicate a lot of attention to how to build your online image through the savvy use of videos.

4) Not using your patient’s testimonials for positive reviews

You must recognize there is a specific power that comes with an unpaid endorsement from a happy and satisfied customer. This is especially true when you consider how unhappy many people are to have to sit through a dental treatment of almost any kind. You want to harness this power whenever possible; one of the most effective and high-quality approaches to do so is through videos featuring patient testimonials. Now, before you think a “reel“ of one person after another just gushing over your practice is a bit too much; you need to know this is not where we are going with the concept.

5) Not creating original content

Always create original, well-written content. You need to make certain that you are using 100% original information on your website. It can be tempting to repurpose other content for use as website content – ezine articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more can all seem to be excellent options for pulling double duty. However, the problem is duplicate content will get you penalized by Google and other search engines. This is particularly true with the Google update dubbed “Panda.” Your content must be original to your site. If you do not feel capable of this, then hire a professional writer to do it for you.

6) Not making your blog informative

Your content must be informative and filled with value. Whether exploring the topic of teeth cleaning, whitening technology or dental diseases, it should offer real information of use to your visitors. Remember, your visitors are seeking specific information when they visit your website. Therefore, you need to make it easy to find and easy to digest. This is a chance to become their superhero – providing answers to their
questions and problems (Why is my tooth hurting? How can I cover my chipped tooth?) and showing them that your practice is the one to do the work. If you give your visitors the information they want, they will reward you with a higher conversion ratio.

7) Not consistently building backlinks

SEO consists of more than original content and the correct keyword implementation. In fact, it goes well beyond these concepts. One of the most important things for your practice within the realm of Search Engine Optimization is backlinking – the process of building valuable links that lead back to your practice’s site. Backlinking is one of the oldest optimization methods that still work, but there are some special considerations to be made here. It’s important that you understand how these links affect your page rank with Google, as well as how they work in other ways.

In conclusion, know that SEO is a long term process and strategy for marketing of your clinic.  Want to learn more, schedule a no-commitment consultation here or call us today at 571-316-2800.

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