7 Benefits of Teaming With a Dental Marketing Team

By May 4, 2017Digital Marketing
7 Benefits of Teaming With a Dental Marketing Team

Marketing your dental practice in 2017 has never been like before. With the rise of social media and internet technologies, we’re seeing a surge in advertising via digital channels. Even in today’s world, many dentists would prefer doing the marketing aspect on their own, which is good for starters. But what if you’re looking to grow beyond your horizons, to really boost up your patient flow and revenue? In this case, you might want to consider hiring a marketing agency, especially one that specializes in the dental niche. When you partner up with marketing experts, your practice would be able to grow by leaps and bounds.

What can marketing agencies do for your dental practice?

1) Management of all marketing channels

Are you struggling with managing lots of marketing companies and contractors and not really knowing if you as the clinic owner is getting the results your dental practice needs? We bring everything under one roof to make sure that you have a modified marketing plan unique to your local community where nothing falls between the cracks and everything is tracked.

2) Give your website a new facelift

“If you build it, they will come.” Perhaps valid for baseball fields. False for websites. Agencies can create beautiful dental websites optimized to convert online visitors into new patients. It’s science and art – and those experts got it down! These guys will ensure that your websites are mobile responsive, built on WordPress, and have 100% customized content!

3) Positioning yourself visually

If you’re just starting off a dental practice or refreshing your current brand – it’s good to consult the experts. They are able to craft logos, taglines, and mission statements that make your brand something you can be proud of!

4) Optimize your spending on pay-per-clicks

Google ads and other paid advertising are getting saturated. How are you able to cope with the big boys? The answer is to partner up with them to your advantage. Do you know that online ads put your practice in front of the relevant people right away by giving you the top spot on search engines results? Engage the pros at optimizing your efforts to target the leads that are most valuable to you, and we track each call that is generated, so you know exactly what you are getting for your investment.

5) Make sure you are social media famous

Social media is like TV channels, is a great way to reach new patients and stay connected to current patients. We work with you to produce a brand voice so we can write and design content for your dental practice that is relevant and meaningful. while managing targeted social media advertising campaigns to make sure we are reaching the appropriate audience.

6) Climb up the ranks on Google to be page 1, number 1

Think back to those thick yellow directories that would be delivered to your door each month? Neither do we. The vast majority of people go to the web to research new dental services, and we make sure you show up on page one through onsite and offsite SEO.

7) Brand reputation management and monitoring

Are you aware of the conversations people are having surrounding your brand? Most marketing agencies are able to monitor the mentions of your name and provide a thorough review to maintain good public relations with the public. Reputation matters, and perhaps it’s high time to give a close eye for your clinic’s reputation.

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