5 Ways To Come Up With Blog Ideas That Stick

By November 5, 2017Digital Marketing
Dental blogging

I bet that most of you would nod your head with me that figuring out blog post ideas is one of the most difficult parts of being a blogging as a dentist.

You see, as a dentist, content is the groundwork of the key to getting more eyeballs on your website. Hence you give to your readers, and one of the constant pressures we feel is coming up new title after new title. Having fresh ideas can get to anyone, though you depend on it to grow the dental practice.

I’ve been in touch with a several of dentists for years, and as of a couple of months ago started to generate some ideas on how people can get ideas on what to blog next. So I can safely say you can use those ideas on days when you go completely blank and think up with any ideas.

1) Display personality, link up with your hobby

It’s vital that we live as who we are. The more we do and enjoy, the more we can fill our blogs with. Regardless of the hobbies, you can draw inspiration from these to create blog posts. Crafts, walking, watching films, reading magazines, cooking, playing music – if you think genuinely about it enough you can use elements of your hobbies to generate post ideas for your blog.

2) Have fun with your mistakes in life

Everyone is nervous about making mistakes or appearing silly. A post outlining some errors is a sure-fire hit.

Remember: Your purpose shouldn’t be to tell your life story, but to use your stories to help your readers. Check your blog comments for inquiries your readers have asked and answered them in yours next article. Derek Halpern suggests asking your readers what they’re struggling with as soon as they sign up to your newsletter.

3) Go through your achieve

One of the excellent ways to go about it is with your most popular posts. You want to find these in Google Analytics and analyze them. These are the most popular posts on your blog for a reason. What you want to do is go through your top 7 of all time and see what other content you can create based on your original idea.

4) See things from a different perspective

Yes, most original ideas have gone. We’ve all seen posts about what’s in my bag, how I got X followers on Instagram, blah blah blah. It’s hard to find something nobody has heard of. How about lateral thinking and seeing things through the eyes of a patient? Or perhaps a dentist from another country?

5) Make notes from articles you read and podcasts you listen to

You take notes from podcasts, articles your read, online courses you do and meet-ups you attend, right? Convert this into content you can use to help your audience. Repurpose those content to make it your own.

We all wish to master new things and skills. How-to articles are the most read thing on the internet for a reason. If you’re right and lucky at what you do, people will want to understand and plan on how you’ve achieved these things. What better way to do this than on your blog?

Coming up with ideas for your next blog post requires some creativity. I hope you find one when you need those inspiration to kick in the most.

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