5 Ways to Increase Your Online Dental Brand Reputation

By January 16, 2018Reputation Management
online dental reputation

As a business owner, your reputation means everything. If you follow these 5 recommendations, your dental practice’s online reputation will surely increase.

Image, as they say, is everything. And perhaps that’s never been truer than in today’s digital age where everyone’s voice can be heard thanks to social media and review sites.

Now, anyone has the power to be a tastemaker. All they need is a few minutes of time, some basic tech, and an opinion. Ultimately, you’re letting your audience do the marketing for you.

That’s exactly why reputation is a dental practice’s best friend. Here are five great ways you can encourage and increase brand reputation for your dental practice!

Brand Reputation Requires Feedback…And Lots of It

Here’s the thing, whether they’re saying it online or not, patients are talking about your dental practice. Whether or not you use that to your benefit is up to you.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have a solid way of keeping track of feedback.

Be it through patient review cards, online reviews, or even Facebook comments, funnel all of this feedback into one central location. The more feedback you get, the more opportunities you have to learn and grow as a dentist.

Feature Customer Stories

You could spend tons of money telling people how great your dental practice is. Or you could let your patients do the talking for you.

Brand reputation is all about the end result. What better way to show off your skills as a dentist than by featuring patient success stories on your site?

Choose a few customers who felt they had excellent service and care at your practice. Ask them to write up a few paragraphs on why they felt your practice went above and beyond.

You can include before and after photos as well, so readers can see your handiwork firsthand.

Go Where Your Patients Are

When it comes to brand reputation, it’s often easier to find your patients than have them find you.

Set up a Google Alert for your practice. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time and will be immensely helpful. With a Google Alert, you’ll get a helpful notification whenever someone mentions your website online.

With this information in tow, you now know how to better target your audience. Which brings us to our next step…

Participate in the Conversation

Part of a solid reputation management strategy involves actively being a participant in the conversation.

People love to be heard, especially on the internet. They want to feel like their voices matter.

What better way to show your patients that they matter than by giving them a personal shout out? Tag them on social media or even simply respond to their review.

This goes for negative reviews, as well. You can always remedy a problem by apologizing and asking the patient how they feel you can make the situation better. If nothing else, they’ll appreciate you hearing them out.

Get Outside Help

Of course, not everyone has the time to run a successful dental practice and monitor your reputation at the same time. Both are full-time jobs, after all.

That’s why we’d recommend enlisting a bit of help. There are plenty of local services in your area with years of experience in brand management.

These services are instrumental in increasing the conversation around your brand. You’ll have more patients before you know it!

Looking For Some Assistance?

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So why not get in touch? A few minutes of your time may make your business more successful than you ever dreamed.

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