5 Ways Dentist’s Can Improve Their Brand Awareness Strategy

By June 20, 2018Dental Marketing

5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Awareness Strategy

Is your brand awareness strategy not working well enough for you? Here’s how dentists can improve their brand awareness strategy with ease.

It takes 5 to 7 impressions before people will remember a brand.

This makes a solid brand awareness strategy all important for ensuring potential customers recognize and remember your business.

But what makes for a good brand awareness strategy, and how can dentists improve theirs?

Here are 5 ways you can improve your brand awareness.

What Is Brand Awareness?

When you cut yourself, odds are you’ll look for a Band-Aid. Except Band-Aid is the brand name, rather than the item.

When a brand becomes synonymous with a product, it’s called a proprietary eponym. It’s the ideal end goal of every brand awareness strategy.

Brand awareness is the measure of familiarity your brand has in the minds of your target audience. As a metric, it goes hand in hand with brand loyalty, consumer trust, and spending intent.

Here are some ways dentists can improve their brand awareness:

Referral Programs

Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing. Referral programs are essentially rewarding existing customers for leveraging their word of mouth.

Referral programs are an excellent strategy for brand awareness because people who see your brand are doing so through a trusted source. Not only does it boost awareness it also boosts your brand’s reputation by association.

Influencer Marketing

Another way to leverage trust is influencer marketing. Industry influencers are people who have an inbuilt following. They’re also often an authority in their industry.

Influencer marketing is essentially borrowing an influencer’s credibility and reach to promote your own brand. To find influencers, look for people with platforms in your industry. The key is to find a brand that complements, rather than competes with your own.

Local Partnerships

Local partnerships can be as little as swapping business cards to as large as heading a seminar event. The key is to leverage other business’ visibility to boost your own brand.

Getting involved in community sponsorship and events is one way to leverage a local partnership. Charity donations, sports promotions, and festival sponsorships are great ways to get your logo on signage and promo material.

Local partnership is also a great way to draw customers to your business directly. Offering the customers of other local business’ discount services, for instance, is an excellent way to get people through the door.


Free stuff is always a winner. Giving away branded merchandise is a great way to get your logo into social circulation.

Pens and other stationary items never go astray. You can also consider some dental specific items. Free toothbrushes, floss, or sugar-free gum are great ways to get people familiar with your brand and associating it with their dental health.

Social Media Marketing

Brand awareness is just one of the many benefits to be had from an effective social media marketing strategy. There are 2.46 billion people using social media worldwide which is a massive potential reach if you market well.

Raising your brand awareness through social media requires posting relevant content regularly. And don’t be afraid to target only specific platforms. You’re better off only running a Facebook page and doing so well.

A Solid Brand Awareness Strategy Is Essential

A great brand awareness strategy can expand your audience exponentially. These 5 tips will ensure your brand is in front of people’s eyes and actively driving sales.

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