5 Signs Your Dental Practice Needs a Digital Marketing Specialist

By September 4, 2018Digital Marketing

Does your dental practice need the help of a digital marketing specialist? If you see these signs it may be time to ask one for help.

An eCommerce company needs to market their product to potential buyers, while a service business needs to market their work to potential customers. In this same way, a dentist office needs to market their services to potential patients.

While online marketing can be intimidating, a digital marketing specialist can relieve you of that stress and allow you to focus on more important parts of your practice.

Let’s take a look at some signs that may prove it’s time to seek the help of an expert.

1. Business Has Gone Stagnant

Once business slows down, it’s time to start finding new patients and reaching out to old ones for repeat visits. Using social media marketing outlets and SEO strategies is a key way to point people to your site.

A digital marketing specialist will help you improve your online engagement to attract more attention. Your business site and blog traffic will see a significant jump with their assistance.

2. Long Gaps Between New Content

If your blog and social media pages are consistently going 2-3 weeks or more without new content, it’s time to hire a specialist. These long gaps can negatively affect your Google search ranking and your social media engagement.

Your specialist will help you schedule daily social content, as well as a plan to share a blog post at least once per week.

3. More Than Two Years Since Last Website Update

If your website hasn’t been updated in two or more years, it is vital that you make some changes right away. Your site should be mobile-friendly to ensure people can view it from both a computer or mobile device, like a phone or tablet.

Having a responsive site will ensure you are staying competitive with Google’s ranking algorithm. It provides a more fluid experience regardless of how the customer is viewing the site.

4. Not Tracking Analytics

One of the most important things a specialist can help you do is track the proper analytics for your page. If you’re not tracking things like keywords, site visits, and more, then it is difficult to know if your marketing efforts are working or not.

Let a digital marketing specialist work with you to find the best analytics to focus on to reach your goals.

5. Struggling to Do It Alone

Many business owners try to do their own digital marketing, which often takes away from other essential business matters. Doing all of the social media marketing, while also managing your website and blog, is incredibly time-consuming.

A digital marketing specialist will take all this off your plate to let you focus on your more pressing business responsibilities.

Get Started With a Digital Marketing Specialist Today

While it can be hard to let go of control when it comes to your marketing, we will make the transition as simple as possible. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please be sure to check out our services page.

Once you are ready to reach your goals and see your digital marketing where it should be, please sign up for our free SEO Audit.


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