5 Reasons Every Dentist Needs a Social Media Strategy

By May 3, 2018Social Media

5 Reasons Every Dentist Needs a Social Media Strategy

Every dentist needs a social media strategy, but why is it so important? See why it’s essential to be a part of the social media craze.

Drawing patients to your dental practice shouldn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Unfortunately, it can certainly feel like that if you don’t have a marketing strategy in place. An important part of your dental marketing efforts is implementing a social media strategy for your practice.

Just about every type of business you can think of is on social media these days — and for good reason. With Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to connect with prospective clients while also maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Here’s a rundown of the specific reasons why it’s essential to be a part of the social media craze with a strong social media strategy.

Let’s dig in!

1. Target Your Patients in a Smarter Way with a Solid Social Media Strategy

With social media, you can target your dental practice’s audience effectively — something that has to happen if you want your business to grow.

That’s because social media offers tools that allow you to target certain demographics, such as men or women, younger or older people, and single or married individuals.

The more you analyze your audience’s behaviors, movements and interactions, the more likely you are to produce ads and/or posts that will capture their attention and pique their interest in the services your practice has to offer.

2. Receive Instant Feedback from Patients

This is a major plus of social media — and it’s true whether the instantaneous feedback you’re receiving is either positive or negative.

The feedback you receive from your patients can give you a good idea about what your patients are thinking, thus motivating you to enhance your services to better meet your patients’ needs.

It certainly beats having to call patients to find out their opinions, or sending them emails to determine how satisfied they are with you.

3. Increase Website Traffic

The more likes, followers, sharing and comments that occur on your practice’s social network page, the more likely you are to rank high in searches.

Publishing blog posts on your website and linking them to your office’s social network page will further increase your online visibility and website traffic. Of course, it’s critical that you regularly update your blog posts, images and videos, producing compelling and interactive content for the best results.

In other words, greater social media activity means more leads for your business. Ultimately, your goal is to develop connections for the future and boost word-of-mouth.

4. Save Marketing Dollars

This is a major benefit of social media. The costs of traditional forms of advertising, such as television and radio ads, can add up quickly. But you don’t have to worry about this with social media.

That is what’s so great about social media — it’s an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness without paying large sums of money to do so. And the return on your investment of both money and time is second to none.

5. Develop Patient Loyalty

Social media facilitates communication with your patients, therefore validating these patients’ value to you. In turn, you get their loyalty, which is essential for keeping your dental practice thriving.

On top of this, your loyal patients won’t be shy about sharing their pleasure with you with their own family members and friends. And the more they advocate your practice’s brand, the more traffic you can generate to your website and ultimately to your practice.

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