5 Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Attract New Patients

By December 7, 2017Dental Marketing

Attracting new patients requires an online marketing plan that is tailored to your practice.

When used right, the internet is a powerful tool for drawing potential clients to your business. Keep reading for 5 successful dental marketing ideas

1. Social Media Is Your Friend

81% of Americans have a social media profile and most follow, like or re-post from their favorite brands’ social media pages.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all popular choices in networking and online marketing campaigns. Websites gain traffic from social media posts and online interactions.

Best Smile Photo contests, meme competitions, and online promotions through social media are just some of the ideas clients enjoy.

It is important fresh unique material, quick responses to comments and professional interactions become part of your online reputation. Give readers a reason to smile and a reason to come back.

2. Blog for the Fun of It

Adding a blog, with regular fresh content can gain visitors to your site and increase your customer base.

Photographs, interesting facts, relevant top 10 lists and intriguing videos can catch an otherwise uninterested internet surfers attention.

Opening a comment section or including guest posts can increase your ability to interact and build a client relationship.

Each post can be written to do well with readers and with search engines. Keywords, properly researched titles and the right ratio of links can all be used to your website’s advantage in your daily or weekly blog posts.

This will allow your website to rank higher in more search results. A blog doesn’t require a huge investment from your dental marketing budget but can have an impact on the traffic visiting your site.

Blogs are also great ways to explain and give an informal sales pitch for the services you offer.

Your blog can answer most of the questions potential and loyal clients may have.

3. Every Dental Marketing Plan Needs SEO

Search Engine Optimization is something very few business owners completely understand.

When someone sits down to look for a particular service, they are likely to use certain words to find related websites.

Search Engines rank results based on hundreds of factors, but one of the main ones is the percentage and placement of keywords. Your website will rank higher and you’ll be more visible if SEO is a priority in your dental marketing plan.

Simple tips like having fresh content with correct keyword placement and using patient testimonials for positive reviews can make a difference.

4. Pay Attention

You don’t just want clients to pay attention to you, it needs to go both ways.

Knowing what clients want, how they search, what posts work and which dental marketing campaigns don’t is an important part of being successful.

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Visitors want a user-friendly, informative and hassle-free experience when they click on your company link. They also want to know you’re available and willing to help them with any needs or concerns.

Give clients a reason to interact with you and make sure you pay attention to what they want.

5. Convenience with a Smile

Clients want convenience. If they are on your website, they don’t want to come down to your office for information. They clicked on your website in hopes of finding it there.

You can provide services, client information, dental patient educational material and exchanging forms.

UX magazine states convenience is one of the most important factors for consumers. Even perceived convenience can be beneficial in winning customers over

Dental Marketing Plans Don’t Have To Break The Bank

You can boost your influence with simple online marketing strategies that don’t cost a fortune.

Learn more today with a free strategy session.


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