4 Ways to Boost Brand Recognition For Dentists

By April 27, 2018Reputation Management

4 Ways to Boost Brand Recognition For Dentists

Are you looking for new ways to expand brand recognition for your dental practice? Here are some ways you can become more recognizable.

It’s tougher than ever for healthcare professionals to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace, and dental practices are no exception.

In order to stay “top-of-mind” amongst your current and prospective patients, you need to consistently pay attention to the brand recognition of your dental practice and constantly seek ways to improve it.

If you’re interested in boosting your dentist office’s brand recognition, here are a few simple tips to help your community think of you every time they need dental care.

1. Use Your Photo in Your Online and Print Marketing

Patients will remember seeing your smile in the pages of a local magazine or on your website. You and your staff are the best examples of your own work, so make sure you have photos of everyone’s pearly whites on your homepage, on the cover of your brochure, and in advertisements.

Successful dental practices still rely on relationships: patients must grow to know and trust their dentists. Helping them remember your face goes a long way in establishing that trusting rapport that keeps patients coming back.

2. Sponsor Local Events

In raising and maintaining your brand recognition, it’s helpful if patients get to know you outside of the office and in the community.

Sponsoring a local sports team or arts groups is a great way to get out and meet people when they are not in the dentist’s chair. Your practice’s name will be included on signage and marketing for the events, and you can attend and meet people who may eventually become patients.

3. Distribute a Monthly Newsletter

You should be collecting email addresses from all patients and even prospects who call the office or visit your website. These emails should be stored in a database where you can stay in touch with people and remind them how you can help them when they need dental care.

Effective brand recognition requires frequent and consistent communication. What better way to stay in touch than to send out a monthly or quarterly email newsletter to your database?

In addition to basic dental health care tips, you can include stories about special services like whitening or your involvement in the community (see above). Your audience will appreciate that you take the effort to reach out to them regularly and they will be less likely to forget you.

4. Explore Digital Tactics Like Social Media and SEO

All businesses large and small now take advantage of the opportunities available in social media. Your dental practice should be no different. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts can help keep your brand visible amongst your key audiences and engage with your client base.

Your website should also integrate the most up-to-date digital marketing techniques so that patients can make inquiries and even make appointments online. New patients need to be able to find your offices easily through Google and get answers online to any questions they may have.

If you and your staff are more focused on the latest dental innovations instead of the latest in SEO and digital marketing, you may need to contact an expert to help you. Then you can focus on your patients and the consultant can focus on keeping your brand prominent.

Brand Recognition for Your Dental Practice: Keep Your Patients Smiling

Your practice will grow with careful cultivation and nurturing of your brand. By making sure your brand is consistently visible to your target market- current and prospective patients- you will be sure to have a vibrant future bringing quality dental services to your community for years to come.

If you would like more information on how to raise your brand profile through digital marketing, contact us.


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