3 Tips For Dentists From an SEO Professional

By February 18, 2018SEO
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Do you want expert advice from an SEO professional on how to help improve SEO for your dental practice? Here are some must have tips you can’t ignore.

Up to 93 percent of online experiences usually begin with a search engine. Customers prefer searching for local businesses online prior to setting up an appointment.

As a dentist, you can’t overlook a strong online presence in this digital age. If you’re struggling to attract the right traffic, it helps to reach out to an SEO professional for help.

Read on for more SEO tips for growing your dental business.

1. Leverage Local SEO

You’re doing SEO, but are you targeting the locals? It’s pointless for local businesses to invest in SEO campaigns if they’re not targeting the customers closest to them.

Instead, pay attention to terms local customers use to find dental services online. Keep in mind these terms can vary, and they’ll also depend on the specific service they’re seeking.

You should have a general keyword, such as “family dentist in Fairfax,” in your title, meta description, and other website content. For your service pages, consider the specific service offered, for example, “teeth whitening in Fairfax” or “tooth removal in Fairfax”.

Using these terms targets customers looking for dental services in the area or location attached to the key phrase.

2. Create Quality Content

When creating dental content, focus on your grammar, spelling, structure, and details. Educating patients on the different dental issues, practices, and devices goes a long way. Steer away from making your content persuasive or promotional.

Creating quality content and utilizing optimization will make your SEO efforts worthwhile.

You can work with an SEO professional to drive traffic to your site, but poor content will scare your visitors away. This is the reason why some dentists usually experience high bounce rates.

Another critical aspect of content is keywords. Don’t spam your copies with keywords and hope to rank high on SERPs. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, engaging in such practices attracts penalties. You could even lose the visitors you already had.

3. Work with Influencers in the Dental Industry

Editors of major dental publications can’t always follow everything that happens in the industry. It’s up to you to reach out to them if you have anything to share. They will give you their opinion, mention, or even share your content.

This SEO strategy helps build quality links on your site. Search engines consider your site’s domain authority (DA) when they determine your ranking. The score of your DA depends on the quality of the sites that link back to yours.

However, keep in mind that some editors won’t reply. That doesn’t mean your idea or content is bad. Don’t stop there. You can also work with an SEO professional or dental marketing services with better connections to influencers.

SEO Professional – The Takeaway

Like all niches, SEO takes time and effort to yield the results you want. Yes, it can be tricky, but with the right approach and strategy, you’re certain to attract quality traffic to your website.

If you want to analyze your site, click here for a free SEO audit to find issues that might be affecting your website’s performance.

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