3 Marketing Techniques Your Dental Practice May Be Doing Wrong

By May 9, 2018Dental Marketing

3 Marketing Techniques You May Be Doing Wrong

Does it seem like your current marketing techniques aren’t helping your dental practice? Here’s what you might be doing wrong (and how to fix it).

With the average digital marketing strategy now costing around $75,000 a year, you need to be taking constant measurements of your efforts.

Spending money on marketing is supposed to be like investing or planting a seed. The marketing techniques you engage in to promote your dental practice in at the beginning should multiply later on.

Marketing requires a complementary strategy of capturing and assessing your analytics. Gathering data is useless if you don’t know what to do with it. Make sure you’ve got someone on staff can track how your marketing efforts are performing.

If you’re still wondering whether or not your marketing techniques are paying off, there are some obvious strategic missteps you should avoid. Here are three strategies that you could be doing wrong when promoting your dental practice.

1. You’ve Relied Too Heavily on Word of Mouth

If you’ve just launched a business, you’re exhausted by the time you get to Day One.

Like most people, you’ve heard friends and family say positive things about your efforts. You assume they’ll be supportive and interested. Even just posting on Facebook should work, right?

Unfortunately, with millions of businesses launched every year, there’s a lot of competition for everyone’s attention. Just because you’ve worked hard to create something you’re proud of doesn’t mean that people will give you the response you’re looking for.

You need to not just assume that people will come to you. It takes work and incentive to get attention.

2. Spray and Pray

This is one technique that’s as old as marketing itself. The approach is to shotgun-spray your potential market and wait for the returns to come in.

Unfortunately, every product has a target market. Even if you eventually want your product to be used by “everyone,” you need to build a strong core as a foundation for your brand.

List the characteristics of the ideal customer. It shouldn’t necessarily be someone like you. Find ways to market your products that target them very directly.

From there, you can build a strong customer base.

3. Too Much Paid Traffic

While getting viewers to your website is important, paying for a bunch of traffic might not translate into sales. Many companies that offer traffic for pay get bots, overseas customers, or random repeats to visit your site.

If they’re not able to target your precise customer base, that traffic won’t be useful to you. While Facebook can target your customers a little better than the average site, they still have a very low hit rate.

You can pay for a Google business listing, but it might be just as effective as a free posting.

Marketing Techniques Need to Be Organic

Your traffic, engagement, and emails need to all have the characteristic being organic and sincere.

Spraying your audience in a broad and haphazard way won’t bring in the traffic you’re looking for. You need to target your most local potential patients in order to succeed.

If you want your dental practice to dominate local search results, follow our guide to get the job done.


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