Why These 3 Dental Practice Marketing Tips Will Boost Your Business

By October 15, 2018Dental Marketing

Looking for the best ways to promote your dental practice? Want to stand out from the crowd and build your own brand? No matter your business goals, planning is the key.

New dental practices are opening their doors every single day. Unless you come up with something different, you’ll be left behind. To succeed, it’s necessary to do things better than other industry professionals.

Start with your marketing strategy. Focus on building a strong online presence, be proactive on social networks, and engage with potential clients. Ask your patients to leave feedback online and recommend your services to their family and friends.

Need help with dental practice marketing? Try these strategies to boost your business and attract new patients:

Give Your Brand a Makeover

First, make sure your brand reflects the personality of your office and tells something about your practice. Think of it as your promise to the customer.

Your brand should reflect your uniqueness and differentiate your business from the competition. Get creative and add new elements if necessary.

Update your logo, marketing materials, and other branding elements. Also, keep your brand consistent across all channels, whether it’s social media or your blog.

Target the Right Audience

Statistics indicate that women make up to 90 percent of all dental buying decisions. If you’re advertising on Facebook or other social networks, use this to your advantage.

Get in front of your audience by targeting ads to women living in your area.

Facebook, for instance, has huge amounts of data that can provide valuable insights into your target market. Check this information to make your ads relevant and reach more patients.

Make an Offer They Can’t Resist

A great way to capture your audience’s attention is to offer something they can’t get anywhere else. It could be a special discount, a free service, or one-visit treatments.

Create a unique offer with your patients in mind. Consider their needs and pain points. For example, if they have a busy schedule, make your services available over the weekend.

Also, think of what other services you could provide to attract more clients. Holistic dentistry, for instance, is on the rise. Experts say it’s the future of dentistry.

Are there any other local practices offering this service? Research the market to determine whether or not holistic dentistry is something that would work in your area. Reward your first 50 or 100 patients with a discount.

Get Creative with Dental Practice Marketing

These are just a few of the many dental marketing strategies you can use. To further increase your chances of success, set up a website and start a blog.

Write about your services and cover the latest dentistry trends. Share your posts on social media, publish content on LinkedIn, and write guest posts on high-authority health blogs.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with something new. If you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll be just another dental practice. Give customers a reason to choose your services.

Getting started is the hardest part. Contact a dental practice marketing expert to help you out. Call us today for a free consultation!

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