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Turn Clicks Into Customers with Facebook Pixels

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Facebook pixels are taking the social media marketing world by storm! Harness the power of Facebook and turn clicks into dental patients.

When you think of the word pixel, you probably think of something tiny.

A dot, a fleck, a speck on the corner of your monitor — but the Facebook pixel is in a league all its own.

Facebook pixels may be small but they are actually quite mighty. Here’s how this little piece of code can help you get more customers:

What Are Facebook Pixels?

A facebook pixel represents a code that can be placed on a user’s website to track conversions from Facebook.

It tells you how your Facebook ads are performing and provides essential metrics for businesses to calculate ROI.

In a business world, where capturing the value of digital marketing sometimes has its challenges, the Facebook pixel is a head above the rest.

How to Use Pixels to Drive Customers

Pixels are useful for retrieving data about customer visits that can help you drive business to your site.

Here’s how pixels help small business owners increase website traffic and get more buyers:


Pixels are used for tracking how potential customers experience your site by recording how they interact with it.

Using insights gained from tracking, business owners can make decisions that drive more visitors to buy.

Comparing metrics on whether more buyers come from mobile or desktop, for example, can help businesses define social media marketing best practices that result in website conversions.


As for those people who went to your site but didn’t buy, Facebook’s pixel allows you to serve ads to back to them on Facebook.

This type of retargeting campaign is good for serving potential customers ads featuring products they previous looked at.

In addition to increasing the likelihood that someone will return to purchase your product, this type of marketing also helps to brand your company and helps you win over mindshare in your target market.


Facebook allows you to optimize campaigns in a number of ways that are effective for marketers.

When it comes to using the pixel, you can select a campaign that is optimized to increase conversions. This is particularly useful for people using opt-in pages or lead magnets.

Once you’ve selected to optimize for conversions, you can use custom conversions that you are tracking with your pixel as an optimization choice.

Selecting custom conversions tells Facebook to optimize for metrics you are already tracking.

Pixel Perfect Advertising

Advertising is like a strategy game, and using Facebook pixels can give you a significant advantage.

Using pixels, small business owners can efficiently drive conversions by basing marketing decisions on the pixel data, like how to best retarget customers and structure their campaigns and website.

Given the importance of the information captured to overall business operations, it’s not hard to see why pixels have become such a hot topic in digital marketing.

Facebook pixels are unique in that Facebook offers access to more than 2 billion users worldwide. With unparalleled exposure, the Facebook pixel is here to stay and that’s a win for small business marketing.

For more information on how to use facebook pixels, visit us at Pat Hanely Consulting.

google adwords for dental practices

The Complete Guide to Google AdWords for Dental Practices

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Make the most of your marketing budget by placing ads where your patients are: Google. Click to read our complete guide to using Google Adwords for dental practice success.

If you own a dental practice, AdWords can be a great way to generate patient inquiries. But if you’re new to online marketing, you likely have no idea how AdWords works. You might not even know what AdWords is.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to experience results with the AdWords platform.

In fact, if you keep reading, you’ll learn what it takes to drive patient inquiries using AdWords. You’ll also learn some of the common mistakes people make when using Google AdWords for dental practices.

Let’s begin!

How Does AdWords Work?

AdWords is an ad platform owned by Google. It allows you to advertise to people when they are using the Google search engine.

With AdWords, you can pick certain keywords that will trigger your ads. When people type these phrases in, your ads are visible in the search listings. This can provide near instant results from your marketing, that you would not experience with methods like SEO.

The amount a click is going to cost you will depend on how many other competitors are targeting your chosen search term. The platform uses a bidding mechanism. The people willing to pay the most will have their ad shown.

Driving Results with Adwords

Succeeding with AdWords comes down to targeting the right search terms. If you do not target the right search terms, your ads are going to be in front of people who do not care for them. Such people will ignore your ads or they’ll only click out of curiosity. As you might’ve guessed, both scenarios are bad.

Luckily, AdWords provides a tool that can help you pick the right keywords. This tool is the Google Keyword Planner. If you provide this tool with a basic, relevant keyword, it will return a list of keywords worth targeting.

For something like a dental practice, consider typing in the word ‘dentist’ alongside your location. An example might be ‘dentist Roseville.’ You’ll generally find the more specific your keyword is, the better your results will be. Because of this, it can be a good idea to include your location.

With AdWords, you will find that the keywords with the highest cost per click price, are the best at producing customers. If this was not the case, your competitors would not be willing to bid so highly.

Watch Your Results

AdWords is not something you can ‘set and forget.’ You need to closely watch your campaigns if you want to avoid wasting money.

Check in your campaigns every day. Identify the keywords that are driving results and the ones that are not. If a keyword is costing you money but is not producing results, cut it out of your campaign.

If you find that it takes too much time to do all this, you can hire a specialist firm to manage your AdWords campaigns for you.

Ready to Start Using Google AdWords for Dental Practices?

AdWords is an amazing way to generate patient inquiries. But if you have never used the platform before, you need to be careful. It is very easy to lose a lot of money in a short period of time if you’re using Google Adwords for dental practices.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at some of the ways you can ensure success and cap your downside. Make sure you target the right keywords. You also need to closely watch your results.

If you struggle to manage your campaigns, don’t discard AdWords as a way to generate patient inquiries. There is always the option of hiring an AdWords marketing agency.

Want to learn more about how you can market your dental practice? Check out this post that teaches about some of the popular dental marketing trends of 2018.

5 Brand Exposure Techniques For Dentists

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5 Brand Exposure Techniques For Dentists

How can you boost exposure for your brand as a dentist? Follow these techniques to help build brand awareness for your dental practice.

Have you ever noticed how many brands you’re exposed to on a daily basis? Between radio, TV, web, bus, and billboard advertisements, you’re likely seeing up to 5,000 ads per day.

That’s 5,000 different brands competing for your attention.

Now, understand that you’re in the exact same predicament when you’re marketing your dental office. However, with the right techniques, you’ll turn heads and boost traffic.

Here are five great brand exposure tips to get you started.

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Technology

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with technology. This is a key reason why we offer the marketing services that I do.

However, a fear of technology isn’t an excuse for poor brand exposure. In today’s world, dentists need to adapt and adapt quickly.

Embracing digital culture is an absolute must for dental offices. Without the help of search engines, social media, your website, and SMS/email marketing, your office will remain more or less invisible.

2. Word Of Mouth Is Still King

It may shock you, but in today’s splintered world, people still prefer the opinions of their friends and family when it comes to finding a local business.

And if that weren’t surprising enough, this preference extends to online reviews.
Sites like Yelp, Google, Foursquare, and Facebook have all made a killing by letting users sound off on their favorite (or least favorite) businesses.

Encourage patients to talk about your business outside of the office. Ask them to fill out a review online and offer a discount in return.

It’s a great way to get free brand exposure that really works.

3. Focus On Your Area Only

When you’re first learning about the world of brand exposure, it can seem like you have to conquer the world. But in reality, a broad goal may hurt more than it can help.

Focus on your area of practice only.

Not only will this help you reign in your advertising efforts a bit, but your patients mainly see local results anyway.

Google’s search algorithm is tailored to present users with results that match their specific area. So if you’re using local words like “Fairfax, Virginia” in addition to your regular dental SEO, you’ll see better results.

4. Create Content

Speaking of SEO, in addition to your dental expertise, you’ll want to brush up on your writing skills.

Sites with blogs rank better and see a higher level of repeated engagement.

But creating great content for your website doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it sounds. As they say, write what you know. Take an approach that focuses on a patient-first model.

You can include testimonials and success stories, create helpful how-to guides, and answer the most commonly asked questions you hear from patients.

5. Up Your Social Media Game

Make sure your brand is on social media so current and potential clients can reach out, share content, and ask questions.

Many people use Facebook’s search engine to find local businesses anyway, so be sure to include your name, address, and a phone number.

Integrate These Brand Exposure Tips

Brand exposure is something that takes quite a bit of time. But once your brand catches on, it’s likely to spread like wildfire if you incorporate these tips.

Of course, if you want some expert help, I’d be more than happy to assist. Get in touch for a free case study and see how you can massively grow your brand!