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June 2018

The Benefits of Customer Feedback For Dentists

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The Benefits of Customer Feedback For Dentists

Customer feedback and online reviews can do wonders for your company’s online reputation. Here’s why you need to encourage your clients to do it.

Customer feedback is a critical piece of a dental practice’s marketing strategy, but too few understand its full impact.

You’ve probably heard somewhere in your dental career that getting feedback is a good idea. You’ve likely seen other practices or businesses doing the same.

But are you fully aware of what your patient feedback can do for your practice?

Here are four key benefits of customer feedback you might not have considered:

Customer Feedback Can Build Your Online Reputation

Patient feedback is no longer an internal-only tool that gives you insight into the customer experience.

Rather, social media and Google My Business have transformed feedback into a fully visible database. Others are now able to gauge your business’s reputation online prior to stepping foot into your office.

This factor alone makes it crucial to maintain patient satisfaction. You can encourage your patients to leave you a review on Google or social media to build a positive reputation.

It Helps Improve Your Services

No matter how you collect feedback, you should use your customer responses to improve your services.

You might think your wait times are reasonable. You might try to hire the friendliest staff. You might believe you have the right processes and procedures in place.

But remember: you’re looking at your practice through very different eyes than your patients. Getting their feedback helps you view your services from another perspective.

Every dental practice has areas it can improve. The key is to never stop looking for them.

Once you find a weak spot, let your customers know how you’ve made improvements to serve them better.

It Can Boost Customer Retention

Have you ever wondered why some patients don’t return to your practice?

It could be for a number of reasons, but if they leave because they’re not satisfied with your services, you’d want to know about it.

Customer feedback allows you to reach out to patients directly about potential issues. How you respond to a problem can help you turn a bad experience into a positive one.

Using feedback can keep your customers happy – and prevent them from going to your nearest competitor.

Feedback Shows You Care About the Customer Experience

Feedback is the only way for you to gauge how your customers feel about your services.

But more importantly, it shows you care enough to understand how they feel.

Even though most businesses understand the importance of feedback, not all of them ask for it.

One study shows that 70% of a customer’s experience is based on how they feel they are treated. Asking for feedback shows them you’re actively wanting to create the best experience possible.

How to Get the Most Impact from Feedback

Unfortunately, feedback doesn’t always happen on its own. Oftentimes you have to proactively collect feedback if you want to hear their opinions.

There are right and wrong ways to about collecting feedback. In addition, you also need an actionable plan to use your customers’ responses.

Talk to us today to learn how you can implement an effective customer feedback strategy in your dental practice.