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January 2018

The Best Types of Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Dental Practice

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Top Types of Digital Marketing For your Dental Practice

If you want to engage with potential customers and expand your dental practice’s client base, then these are the best types of digital marketing you can use.

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have an active online presence.

Your dental practice isn’t exempt.

To increase your client base and improve your business’ reputation both online and off, check out these top types of digital marketing for your practice.

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5 Dental Web Design Trends You Need to Look Out For in 2018

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5 Web Design Trends You Need to Look Out For in 2018

The world of digital marketing is always evolving. Keep reading to see the web design trends for 2018. What can you use to drive promote your dental practice?

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Most, if not all people know of that famous English idiom…but few actually practice it.

For example, when a person walks into a dental practice, they start to judge as soon as they walk through the door. Is it clean, modern and professional?

Its the same with your website. If its messy, hard to configure and looks old-fashioned, it won’t give a professional modern look. And that might lose you valuable clients.

So how can you get up to date with the latest web design trends?

Read on to find out.

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Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Local Marketing Agency

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Did you know that the vast majority of patients visiting your dental practice are within a 10-mile radius of your office?

Think about that for a moment. How many people are there within a 10-mile radius of your office? More importantly, how many of those people aren’t you reaching?

The simple truth is that most dental practices don’t take advantage of all the marketing opportunities they have before them. In turn, this ends up costing money in lost profits and potential patients.

But your dental practice can be different. Set yourself apart by hiring the services of a local marketing agency.

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10 Dental SEO Solutions that Will Optimize Your Website

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If you want to ensure you are capturing the local market and attracting new dental business, then these SEO solutions will help. Keep reading to find out more.

SEO: it’s not just for big businesses.

In fact, optimizing your dental practice’s website for search engines can help you attract new customers from your local market. SEO solutions can help reach new clients that may never have even heard of your practice before, right from the comfort of their own living rooms.

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