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January 2018

How Do I Improve My Dental Practice’s Rank in Google?

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You want to dominate your competition right?

Are you serious about improving your rank in Google and getting to that coveted #1 spot?

Some of you started your dental practices before the internet took over the world. Patients knew the reputation of business through word of mouth. Now that almost everyone is online, you have to put your dental practice out there. Maybe you are asking yourself “How Do I Improve My Dental Practice’s Rank in Google?” or “How do I set my practice apart from the rest?” Well seek no further, here are the answers that you need. Read More

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5 Ways to Increase Your Online Dental Brand Reputation

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As a business owner, your reputation means everything. If you follow these 5 recommendations, your dental practice’s online reputation will surely increase.

Image, as they say, is everything. And perhaps that’s never been truer than in today’s digital age where everyone’s voice can be heard thanks to social media and review sites.

Now, anyone has the power to be a tastemaker. All they need is a few minutes of time, some basic tech, and an opinion. Ultimately, you’re letting your audience do the marketing for you.

That’s exactly why reputation is a dental practice’s best friend. Here are five great ways you can encourage and increase brand reputation for your dental practice! Read More

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Can an SEO Specialist Boost Business for your Dental Site?

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How can an SEO Specialist Boost your Dental Business?

One way to boost the impact of your dental website is to bring in the help of an SEO specialist. Is your site optimized to drive new business your way?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is not a new practice. But many businesses are still debating whether or not professional SEO services are worth the investment.

The reality is, if you are trying to build a successful dental practice, you probably don’t have the time to keep up with the latest SEO trends. You and your staff have other things to worry about, such as making sure you’re providing your patients with the best care.

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