Does Your Clinic Need More Dental Patients/Leads?

Our Proven Strategy Will Help You Dominate Your Competition.

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Are you stressed sometimes about all the aspects of running your practice? Are you struggling to keep the practice healthy with an ongoing stream of profit generating new patients? Or are you getting by but tired of just that and you want to finally live a less stressful life? Or perhaps you are doing well but want to do better.

The fact is that traditional marketing such as Yellow Pages are almost a relic of the past. With free and easy access to information, patients are highly aware of what they are looking for when they go to see a dentist. Patients are no longer satisfied with word of mouth recommendations alone. They actually like to check the doctor’s online reputation, ratings and views of other patients, and even compare between two or more dentists before they choose the best one for their needs.

We eat, breathe and sleep online marketing. We know the best social media platforms to use for your business, we are up to date with the latest in technologies and we understand how to keep your website fresh and engaging. We’ll take care of all that so you can focus on your patients and the rest of your business.

When it comes to getting more patients the decision is yours. You can either continue to do what you are doing now or contact me to learn more about a guaranteed continuous way to get hundreds of new patients a month….Pick up the phone now and call us at 571-316-2800 or click here to schedule a free strategy session.

Website Design

Get new patients with a stunning new website designed from scratch. Our websites boasts features such as superior design, latest web technology with a great user interface.

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SEO is critical to any marketing campaign worth a fighting chance. By establishing external networks of links, advanced on-site optimization ,we get you results.

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Go to the top of the search results in just 3 days! We are the highest ranked dental marketing company by Google users. Get your fair share of online patients.

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Free Updates & Support

Pat Hanley Consulting is committed to providing you with the support you need at the time you need it. We provides you with answers to common questions to your technical needs.

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Pat is a digital marketing consultant who helps dentists drastically increase patients through digital marketing. He has been able to consistently increase patients with a proven methodology.

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Get Chosen as their Dentist

We’ve helped dentists just like you because we know what works! Our experience can help fill your chair with a steady stream of new patients from the Internet.

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Does Your Clinic Need More Patients?

Our proven, time-tested strategy will help you dominate your competition.

  1. Boost Online Traffic

  2. Increase Your Patient Base

  3. Increase Practice Revenue

  4. Expand Your Dental Practice

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What we do for you


  Constant Stream of New Patients

  Improved Patient Retention

  Proof Your Marketing is Working

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